Bronzes (Female) 11
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Bronzes (Female) page 11

Bird Dancer by Bouraine
A lovely bronze nude dancer with birds by and signed Marcel Bouraine in the stepped sienna marble base. She measures 22 inches high and the condition is very good and original.

Ref: F679 . . . £3,995

Bronze Lady by Phillipe
A French gilt bronze figure, of exceptional quality, modelled as a pretty lady in an elaborately decorated dress with painted enamel flowers and lace. She is standing on a stepped verdigris marble base and measures approximately 11 inches high. The base bears the engraved signature of P. Phillipe and the condition is excellent.

Ref: F2452 . . . £895

'Goddess of the Hunt' by Lavaysse
A large and rare bronze, signed in the bronze A. (Andre) Lavaysse and with the Cire Perdue stamp, and the Susse Fres Edts, Paris foundry stamp. This is an impressive and heavy bronze measuring 30 inches wide and 20 inches high, with a depth of 8 inches (76x51x20cm). It has a tapped finish with a lovely brown-bronze patina. Dated 1928 in the Berman book of Bronzes, page 1147. A stunning and special piece in excellent condition, except that there is a crack to the bow, although only on one side.

Ref: F2462 . . . £10,500

Ball Dancer by Giraud Riviere
Tall green patinated bronze dancer with ivory ball and mounted on a brown onyx base with a total height of 18 inches (45cm). Signed to the base and in very good condition.

Ref: B109 . . . £3495

'La danse du printemps' by Morlon
Huge French bronze dancer with a dancing lamb. Signed A. Morlon to the bronze base with a medal d'honeur stamp to the base. The marble base measures approximately 26 inches long by 6 deep and the total height of the statue is 22 inches (66cm x 15 x 56.) A very rare statue. Condition is very good with some expected age wear to the patina as one would expect.

Ref: B297 . . . £6,295

'Contemplation' by Liskai Kovats
Large French bronze lady with beautiful dinanderie detail in green and gold to her dress. She sits on a stepped portorro extra base that measures approximately 21 inches long by 6.5 deep and the total height of the statue is 14.5 inches (53cm x 17 x 37). Signed to the back of the base L. Kovats. Condition is very good with a few minor base nibbles to the marble and slight patina loss due to age.

Ref: B298 . . . £2,795

Bronze Dishlady by Lorenzl
A lovely nude bronze mounted on a double-dished base of green onyx and holding an onyx cup. The lady retains some silvering and measures 9 inches high and the base measures 10 inches wide (23x26cm). This piece is apparently unsigned, but undoubtedly by Lorenzl, and is in excellent original condition with just some minor ageing to the patina and a couple of small nicks to the edges of the onyx base.

Ref: F891 . . . £1795

Diane by Rougelot
French art deco bronze Diane the Huntress and deer. Mounted on a flared Rosso marble base. Total height is 10.5 inches (27cm) and it is signed to the base Rougelet. Condition is very good.

Ref: B510 . . . £1,595

Chiparus 'Maiden with Lamb'
Terracotta girl and lamb in typical Chiparus style with green patination and stylised hair, signed in the base and bearing the Editions Reveyrolis, Paris stamp. In good condition with just some minor patina wear and a few tiny chips to the base. Measures 23.5 inches (60cm) long, 6.5 inches (17cm) deep and total height is 16 inches (40cm). She appears in the 2nd edition Chiparus book by Alberto Shayo, page 248.

Ref: OF206 . . . £995

Egyptian Queen Bronze Plaque by Bourdelle
Bronze panel of an Egyptian queen by Antoine Bourdelle. Probably originally made as appliques for a piece of furniture. The actual plaque measures 5 inches by 4.5 inches (12.5cm x 11.5cm). Antoine Bourdelle (31 October 1861 - 1 October 1929), born Emile Antoine Bordelles, was an influential and prolific French sculptor, painter, and teacher. His studio became the Musee Bourdelle, an art museum dedicated to his work, located at 18, rue Antoine Bourdelle, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, France. See my information on artists page for more information on this important artist. Currently awaiting framing, I have 2 of these same plaques available.

Ref: B466 . . . £595 unframed

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