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Old Time Dance by Rozet
A large gilt solid bronze group as a lamp by Fanny Rozet - signed in the bronze. The group is of a pair of ladies either side of a dapper gentleman, and is mounted on a shaped base of black marble. This rarer version of this figure is actually a lamp and has the lamp fitting to the back, and can be viewed in both the Catley books on page 287 and page 313. At the moment this piece has a pink shade but the buyer may choose their own to fit their decor. Condition is very good - email me for more pics. Total height including shade is 24 inches, marble base measures 16.5 inches wide. Rewired but must be checked before use.

Ref: L623 . . . £1,995

Quality French Bronze Lady Lamp
A lovely unsigned bronze lady lamp.
The lady is naked except for a gold cloth around her waist. She is mounted in a 13.5 by 6.5 inch base of black marble with white striations.

Ref: L94 . . . £595

Bronze Flame Dancer by Janle
Extremely rare 2-dimensional bronze figure with silvered patina, signed to the base by the French sculptor Janle. The base is a 12 inch by 2.5 inch (31 x 7cm) verdigris marble base and the amber torchere is mounted in a bronze holder. Height is 16 inches (41cm). Condition is good with some age wear to the patina.

Ref: L187 . . . £2,395

Triomphe by Pierre Le Faguays
Patinated bronze female statue, made by the Le Verrier foundry in the late 1920's/ early 1930's. This statue was also made of art metal but this one is definitely bronze. Signed in Pierre Le Faguays pseudonym - Fayral. It measures 21 inches long by 20 inches high by 4 deep (54cm x 51cm x 10cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: B391 . . . £2,875

Amazonian Warrior by Pierre Le Faguays
Stunning dark green patinated bronze nude with sword and shield. Made in the early 1930's by the famous Pierre Le Faguays and signed to the onyx base. This is the smaller version of this statue. She measures a total height of 14 inches (36cm), including the base. A similar statue can be viewed in the Catley Book on page 198. Email me for more pics (quoting ref number) as she looks stunning from all angles, and would benefit from a mirror behind her to show this. Condition is extremely good.

Ref: B392 . . . £2,495

Girl and Borzois by Godard
Green patinated bronze girl and borzois mounted on a black marble base. Signed to the marble Godard. Measures 31 inches (79cm) long, 15 inches (38cm) high and 6 inches (15cm) deep. Excellent condition with just very minor wear to the patina which shows the bronze beneath.

Ref: B393 . . . £3,695

Chryselaphantine Dancer by Dakon
Austrian bronze and ivory statue, made in the late 1920's - early 1930's by Stephan Dakon and signed to the base socle. This same dancer can be viewed in the Catley book on page 121, but this one is slightly larger and measures 10 inches high (26cm). Condition is very good with one small hairline crack to her face which is not all the way through the head. This is not unusual for ivory items. There is also a fissure hole in the onyx base but I believe this is in the nature of the onyx.

Ref: B250 . . . £2,695

Huge Bronze by Corbier
This silvered bronze statue is huge and measures 27 inches long by 18 inches high by 9 inches deep (69cm x 46cm x 23cm). The female is feeding the goat with a corn on the cob. Signed in the bronze M. Corbier and F. Barbedienne Foundere Paris to the bronze base. (I also have the small version of this same statue on page one of my bronzes section. This large one is in excellent condition with just a slight rubbing to the front panel of the base.

Ref: B440 . . . £5,895

Phoenician Dancer by Demetre Chiparus
Bronze art deco dancer on a stepped portorro marble base with central panel plaque also of a dancer. Signed D. H. Chiparus to the top of the marble base. She is known as the Phoenician Dancer and can be seen in the Chiparus book on page 176. This statue was made in two sizes and this is the smaller version measuring 11.5 inches high (29cm). Condition is very good with just a few age related tiny nicks to the marble as one would expect after 90+ years.

Ref: B576 . . . £11,695

Spring Dance by Pierre Laurel
Large French art deco silvered bronze dancer with grapes. Her title is Spring Dance and she is by Pierre Le Faguays using his pseudonym Pierre Laurel. Signed P. Laurel to the top of the marble. This is the larger version, it measures 20 inches (51cm) high. The smaller one, which I also have measures 13.5 inches high - ask me for pics of B509. The dancer is mounted on a verdure marble base with a bronze grapes panel to the front. In excellent condition.

Ref: B577 . . . £3,695

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