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'Awakening' by Demetre Chiparus
This is the large and famous Awakening terracotta nude by Demetre Chiparus. The same statue can be viewed on page 253 of the 2nd Alberto Shayo book on Chiparus. She measures a 23.5 inches tall by 18 wide by 10 deep (60cm x 46 x 26). Signed in the clay on the right hand end of the base and in very good original condition. This has to be the best terracotta that he ever made. Email me quoting the ref number for more pics of this truly stunning and impressive statue.

Ref: OF147 . . . £3,295

Bronze Group by Riche
Wonderful large bronze girl wrestling with a goat, mounted on a portorro marble base. The total height is 25 inches to the tip of her stick by 22.5 long by 4.25 deep (64cm x 57 x 11). Marked to the base with a medale d'or and foundry stamp and signed L. Riche. In good vintage condition.

Ref: B255 . . . £3,795

Mythological Group by Foretay
Large green patinated female nude with Satyr boy who is holding arrows on his back and has hoofed feet, pointed ears and horns. Base measures 17 inches by 7 deep by 15 high (43cm x 18 x 38). Signed Foretay in the bronze. In excellent condition.

Ref: B258 . . . £2,495

Stylised Diane and Deer
Wonderful stylised chromed bronze, Hagenauer style Diane and deer group. Mounted on a black angular marble base. It measures 12 inches high to the tip of her spear by 8 inches long by 3.5 deep (30cm x 20 x 9). Although in very good vintage condition, there is an old crack across the base bottom and lower front base and a few tiny edge nibble.
I also have another similar piece, signed by Hagenauer, but this piece has felt under the base and therefore the signature is not visible. I have pictures of a similar figure which is signed.

Ref: B263 . . . £1,995

'La Poesie' by Bareau
Large Art Nouveau bronze by the French artist Georges-Marie-Valentin Bareau (1866 - 1931). Her title is La Poesie (Poetry). She sits holding a scroll, obviously writing poetry but the quill may not be original to the piece. A top quality bronze by a top artist with fine detailing. Signed Georges Bareau and stamped with the foundry name F. Barbedienne Fondeur. In excellent condition. It measures 19.5 inches (49.5cm) high, base measures 7.5 inches square. In 2008 this same statue sold for £6000 in Sotheby's.

Ref: B270 . . . £3,995

Diane by Janle
French silvered bronze stylised 2-dimensional Diane the Huntress, I believe by Janle but this one apparently unsigned. Mounted on a 2 tone marble base that measures 4.75 inches square (12cm), the total height of the statue to the tip of her bow is 20 inches (51cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: B466 . . . £995

The Dance by Marquet
French silvered bronze art deco dancer, signed Marquet under her foot. Mounted on a Brazilian onyx base that measures 9 inches long by 3.5 inches deep (23cm x 9cm). She measures a total height of 16 inches (41cm). Condition is extremely good.

Ref: B524 . . . £2,495

Large Diane and Deer by Ary Bitter
French green patinated art deco bronze statue by Ary Bitter. Ary Bitter was a master at capturing the transition between child and adult in his sculptural items and this piece is no exception. Modelled as a young Diane with 2 deer - one in her arms. It measures 30 inches long by 18 inches high by 5.25 inches deep (76cm x 46cm x 13cm). Stamped and with Cire perdue and Susse Freres Fondeurs foundry marks. In excellent condition.

Ref: B528 . . . £4,795

'Youth' by Demetre Chiparus
A lovely terracotta bust of a young girl by the Romanian artist D. H. Chiparus, which is signed to the reverse. She measures 13 inches high, has stylised hair and is very pretty. Her patina is green and the condition is excellent. This is another of my rare and affordable Chiparus items.

Ref: F2381 . . . £895

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