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Bronzes (Female) page 16

Bronze Dancer by Bouraine
Bronze dancer with a dark green-bronze patina produced at the Etling Foundry. Mounted on a verdigris marble block base. A similar statue but with the hoop can viewed in the Catley book. She measured a total height of 18.5 inches and the block base measures 6 inches high by 3.5 square (47cm x 9). In very good vintage used condition.

Ref: B358 . . . £3,295

Pair of Bronze Dancers by Gilbert
Fabulous large green patinated bronze Grecian dancers by Andre Gilbert from the late 1920's. Each base measures 7.5 inches by 3 inches and the total height is 15.5 (19cm x 7.5 x 40). They are both signed A Gilbert and bear the Marcel Guillard foundry mark to the bronze bases. In exceptionally good condition.

Ref: B360 . . . £4,395 the pair

'The Dance' by Lormier
French silver patinated bronze with dinanderie costume detail. Signed J. Lormier to the back of her scarf, she is mounted on a portorro and rosso marble base. The base measures approx. 20 inches long by 4.25 deep and the total height of the statue is 11.5 inches high (51cm x 11 x 29). Condition is very good with just a few age related marks to the marble at the front edge of the base, which may have even been in the marble from new.

Ref: B333 . . . £3,995

Printemps by Gauthier
Fabulous French bronze spring dance, lady and deer group. The lady holding red flowers next to a leaping deer, she has gold highlighting to her hair. It is signed to the base Gauthier. A rare group figure, this is usually seen with the lady on her own and not as a group. Base is made of portorro extra marble and measures 18.5 inches long by 5 deep (47cm x 13). Total height is 13.5 (34cm). Condition is vintage but very good with just a couple of tiny marble nicks to the base which is quite usual.

Ref: B326 . . . £2,895

The Sea Nymph by Poteau
Bronze sea nymph vide poche signed by the artist Poteau to the side of the shell. The beautiful nymph has finned feet and seaweed for hair and is holding a large oyster shell. Mounted on an onyx base. The shell dish measures 7.5 inches wide by 6.25 total depth and 5 inches high (19cm x 16 x 12.5). In very good vintage condition.

Ref: B328 . . . £1,695

Girl On a Wall by Preiss
A gilt patinated bronze figure, circa 1925 mounted on an alabaster base with the foundry mark for Preiss and Kassler (PK within a circle) on the reverse of the socle. Measures 9inches (23cm) high, 7.5 inches (19cm) long. Very good original condition with just some minor expected age related marks.
The bronze and ivory version of this figure is pictured in the book Ferdinand Preiss by Alberto Shayo.

Ref: B381 . . . £3,995

Awakening by Marcel Bouraine
Bronze female Satyr with rams horns and goats feet, she is sitting on a bronze rock base. This is an unsigned piece but I believe by Bouraine and I am not sure I cannot see a very faint signature that ends in 'aine' but cannot be sure. She measures a total height of approx. 12 inches (31cm). Base measures 6 inches by 5.5 (15cm x 14).

Ref: B329 . . . £2,395

Theatrical Dancer by Morante
Fabulous bronze nude theatrical dancer with enamel painted headdress and bangles. Made in the late 1920's - early 1930's by J. P. Morante, signed to the metal base socle Morante and mounted on a verdegre marble base. Total height is 11.5 inches including the base (29cm). Condition is good but the top hand might be slightly bent back.

Ref: B323 . . . £1,895

'Idyll' by Demetre Chiparus
A very unusual subject of Romeo and Juliette type figures made of terracotta by D. H. Chiparus. This group is signed in the clay, and is 18 inches long and 14 inches high. You can see the bronze version of this figure in the Chiparus book by Alberto Shayo on page 64 and it is called 'Idyll'. The terracotta version appears in the 2nd Chiparus book by Shayo, page 258. Pieces by this highly regarded Romanian artist are getting extremely difficult to find and the prices are going up.

Ref: F2193 . . . £895

Bronze Wall Plaque by Turin
French art deco bronze wall plaque signed P. Turin. Large rare bronze wall plaque of 3 maidens, the central nude maiden is flanked by two other maidens who are dressing her in garlands. It measures approx 12 inches in diameter (30cm). Finished with purple silk tassels to the sides. It has a hanging hook on the back and is heavy as its bronze. I also have a small 3" version of this same plaque (M5316).

Ref: B554 . . . £3,495

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