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Bronzes (Female) page 6

Grape Harvest by Chiparus
Large green patinated bronze figural group modelled as a partially draped reclining woman with two small children, who are playing with grapes. Circa 1930. Signed to the bronze base Chiparus and mounted on a black marble base that measures 31 inches long by 7.5 inches deep and 13 inches high (79cm x 19cm x 33cm). Produced at the Etling Foundry. Condition is very good with some minor wear to the gilt detailing.

Ref: B364 . . . £4,795

Diane with Fawns by Marcel Bouraine
This is the famous Diane with Fawns bronze, probably Marcel Bouraine's most famous statue. It was made in 2 sizes and this is the largest version, measuring 24.5 inches to her top hand and 28.5 inches to the tip of the bow (60cm, 73cm). It is 15.5 inches wide and 5 inches deep (40cm x 12.5cm). Signed to the bronze base - BOURAINE. The same piece can be seen in the Catley book on page 50. The fawns were also used as bookends and I have a pair on my bookends section. The smaller version of this same statue recently sold at auction for £8500 plus commission! The small one is considerably smaller and this one is a very large impressive piece. This is from my own private collection. It is in very good vintage condition.

Ref: F1166 . . . SOLD

Bronze Nude by Fugere
Lovely silvered bronze nude flanked by goats which she is feeding. Flared portorro marble base measures 16 inches by 5 inches and total height of 13.5 inches (40 x 13 x 35cm). Signed to the marble. Condition is extremely good.

Ref: B125 . . . £1,795

'Vanite' by Van de Voorde
Beautiful French art deco silvered bronze nude lady and peacock mounted on a sienna and portorro extra marble base which measures 19.5 x 6 inches (50 x 15cm). Total height is 9.5 inches (24cm). Bears a nameplate to the front - Vanite (Vanity), par Van de Voorde, Sculpteur. I believe Van de Voorde was a Dutch artist who worked in Paris during the deco years. The lady has gold detailing to her hair and a red headband, she is holding a laurel leaf which has green enamelling and the peacock retains some blue feather detailing to his tail. Condition is very good having only a natural fissure crack to the sienna marble top veneer, which is in the stone from new.

Ref: B126 . . . £1,995

Bronze Group by Jorel
A lovely French bronze lady and child measuring approx. 15 inches high and sitting on a portorro base measuring 19.5 inches by 6 inches, signed on the corner of the base. Condition is good with just a little ageing to the patina, plus a repair to the corner of the base. Email me for pics.

Ref: F734 . . . £1150

Large Trinkende by Seifert
This is a larger version of Trinkende (Drinker). I also have the smaller one with a gold patina. It was made by the German artist V. Seifert and signed to the bronze base socle, and also marked with the foundry mark - Bronze V F Steinbach. She has a dark green-black patina and measures 17 inches high (43cm). This statue appears in the Berman bronzes books. Condition is very good with a chip to the edge of the marble base.

Ref: B223 . . . £3,795

Danseuse a l'Arc by Le Faguays
This piece is the larger version of Danseuse a l'Arc by Pierre Le Faguays and cast by the Susse Freres Fondeurs, Paris. (I also have the smaller version). This one measures 26 inches high and has a green patina and her original bow, and is in excellent original condition. Email me for more pics. (The smaller version is F2348).

Ref: F2328 . . . £3,895

Vanity by Molins
French silvered bronze lady and fairy group signed by H. Molins, mounted on a portorro extra marble base that measures 14 inches long and 5 inches deep and with a total height of 10 inches (36x13x25cm). Enrique Molins Balleste - a Spanish artist who worked during the 1920s - 1930s. Condition is very good.

Ref: B504 . . . £1,495

Joy by Bouraine
French terracotta lady and child statue by Marcel Bouraine, signed in the terracotta to the back and also bearing the foundry stamp and terra cuite. It measures a large 22 inches long by 9 inches deep and a total height of 15 inches (56cm x 23 x 39). In very good condition.

Ref: OF215 . . . £995

Chryselephantine Skier
French Art Deco female skier standing on a marble hilltop base. No signature but I believe possibly by Lemo. She has a hand carved ivory face and bronze body. It measures a total height of 9.5 inches (24cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: B594 . . . £2,395

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