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Dancing Diana by Ignacio Gallo
Stunning top quality bronze group standing approx. 20 inches high (50cm), with dark green patina and mounted on an odillon shaped base of portorro marble which measures approx. 20 inches long by 4.5 inches deep (50 x 11cm). Stamped with the artists name and foundry marks. Exceptional condition with just a few tiny nibbles to the edges of the marble.

Ref: F1213 . . . £3,995

'The Dance' by Lormier
Huge bronzed lady and dogs group, signed J. Lormier to the bronze base plate which is mounted on a portorro marble base with flared ends. It measures a 31.5 inches long by 6 deep and the total height is 19 inches (80cm x 15 x 48). Lady has silver cold painted enamel skin tone and is wearing a bronze floral patterned dress and dogs are gold. Condition is very good with just a few minor tiny nibbles to the end corners of the base. This is an extremely heavy statue.

Ref: B226 . . . £4,895

Jewelled Bronze Nouveau Bust
A pretty bronze bust - signed F. Gual - although indistinct. The lady has a headband with blue, red and green coloured stones inset into the bronze, and they are repeated around the yolk of her dress. She is mounted on a dark brown shaped bronze base, and to the front of the base there is a bunch of Iris's and Bull rushes. I would date this bust at about the turn of the century to 1910 and she measures approx. 6.5 inches high and the base is about 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Condition is excellent apart from the tip of her nose which is a little flat - possibly having suffered a knock to the end. Please email me for close-ups.

Ref: F2297 . . . £1,195

Nymph and Deer by Morlon
This large bronze figure measures 32 inches long and 8 inches deep by 16 inches high and is the famous Nymph and Deer by A. Morlon, and is signed in the bronze, stamped with the medal of honour and produced at the Etling foundry. I also have the smaller version of this statue. It has an unusual washed silvered patina with a glimpse here and there of the bronze showing through. Condition is very good with no apparent repairs or damage but just the usual ageing to the patina and some veneer damage to the wood base at either end. Please email me for more pics.
Alexandre Morlon was born in 1878 in Macon, France and studied under Falguiere and Mercie and exhibited at the Salon in 1900. He specialised in allegorical figures and is famous for the standing figure of Victory used for the allied Victory Medal (1918), and modelled pieces used as coinage and war memorials. Examples of his work can be found in the Mint Museum, Paris and the Ghent Museum. You can view a picture of this piece in picture 4578 'Nymph and Deer - 1926' in the Schiffer book of Bronze Vol 4 page 1146.

Ref: F2300 . . . £2,995

'Egyptian' Bronze by Lorenzl
A beautiful Egyptian bronze lady kneeling with a marble dish - presumably making offerings to the gods. She has a dark bronze patina and is mounted on an ovular marble base, and is signed in the bronze. She measures approx. 9 inches (23cm) high and the marble dish is removable and may possibly be a replacement. Excellent condition.

Ref: F956 . . . £1140

Bronze Dancer
French, green patinated bronze dancer, unsigned but I believe by Melani. Measures 12.5 inches high including the stepped black and sienna marble base.

Ref: F1227 . . . £495

'Message of Love' by Le Faguays
The largest version of this lovely bronze figure by Pierre Le Faguays, produced by the Etling Foundry. Total height is 30.5 inches (77cm) and it is in very good vintage condition with just a very slight dink to the beak of the bird.

Ref: B287 . . . £14,995

'Message of Love' by Le Faguays
Detail of the above listed item.

Ref: B287

Tourbillon by Gilbert
French bronze figural group of young girl dancers - known by its original name, Tourbillon, mounted on a circular verdigris marble base. Produced by the Etling foundry in Paris in the late 1920s and signed by the artist to the bronze base - Andre Gilbert. This same piece can be seen in the Catley book on page 155. It measures 15 inches high by 16.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches deep (38cm x 42cm x 16cm). Condition is good with just a few very minor age related patina marks as one would expect.

Ref: B462 . . . £4,995

Art Deco Bronze Lady by Lorenzl
Austrian bronze art deco dancer - an unsigned Lorenzl. Mounted on a solid patinated bronze base. Total height is 6.5 inches (19cm x 12.5cm). Condition is good with a little age wear to the patina.

Ref: B506 . . . £1,195

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