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Hagenauer Style Chinaman
Wonderful stylised macassar and chromed bronze Chinaman measuring 9 inches (23cm) tall, and although unmarked I believe his is by Hagenauer. There is a felt stuck to the underneath and could possibly be hiding the stamp. Condition is very good but he may have originally had a second tray to the other end of his pole.

Ref: B173 . . . £495

Austrian Bronze Barrel Man
This little man is I believe a toothpick holder, probably from the 1950s - very Rena Rosenthal/Hagenauer in style. It measures 4.5 inches tall and is unsigned.

Ref: F2124 . . . £85

'Intrepide' by Brault
Wonderful large French bronze male and panther group. Mounted on a black marble base that measures 34 inches long by 7.5 deep and the total height of the piece is approx. 14 inches (87cm x 19 x 36). The Panther is signed Brault to the bronze under his back foot. In exceptionally good condition with just a couple of tiny nicks to the marble edges. This is a very heavy piece.

Ref: B225 . . . £2,595

The Lock by Pierre Le Faguays
French dark green patinated bronze man levering a lock open. It measures 18 inches long by 5.5 deep by 11 high (46cm x 14 x 28). Signed to the back of the base P. Le Faguays, Bronze stamped and bearing a foundry stamp - Paris. Condition is exceptionally good.

Ref: B285 . . . £2,295

Bronze Man and Panther by P. Berjean
Exceptional quality, large green patinated man and panther group mounted on verdigris marble base, and signed. Condition is very good. Measures 14.5 inches high and 39 inches long (37cm x 100cm).

Ref: F1163 . . . £2,650

Bronze Archer
Large French bronze archer with bronze bow. Mounted on a black fossilised marble base. Unsigned but probably a De Roncourt. Base measures 22 inches long by 7 inches deep (56cm x 18cm). The total height to the top of the bow is 21 inches (54cm). In very good vintage condition with a few expected small chips to the corners of the marble base.

Ref: B435 . . . £1,995

Speed by Alberto Bazzoni
This wonderful modernist, stylised bronze is by Bazzoni who is famous for his highly innovative style. I also have the terracotta of this statue (ask for pics of F1016). This wonderful dark green patinated bronze is mounted on a black marble base with white striations. It is signed A. Bazzoni to the bronze socle. It measures 26.5 inches x 6.5 to the base x 14 inches tall (67 x 16.5 x 36cm). It is signed to the base and condition is very good. You can view this piece in the Catley book Vol 2, page 34.

Ref: B291 . . . £3,595

Bronze Warrior Boy by Hagenauer
A larger than average bronze African tribal boy warrior measures 7.25 inches (18cm) high to his head and a total height to the tip of his spear of 11 inches (28cm). Bears the Hagenauer signature and stamp to the underside of the base. Condition is very good.

Ref: F1156 . . . £745

Spirit of Triumph Car Mascot by Bazin
French art deco bronze car mascot by Bazin but this one unsigned. This is the Spirit of Triumph which was used on the bonnet of the Isotto Franchini racing car in the 1920s. It depicts a flying winged man holding a car wheel. Mounted on an old vintage red cap. It measures 7.5 inches high (19cm). Condition. Is vintage and used but good.

Ref: M5028 . . . £1095

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