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Rare Bronze Alerte by De Roncourt
This statue is usually made of spelter but this is the rare bronze version. Marked bronze in the metal and signed De Roncourt on the black marble base. It measures 21 inches long by 7 inches deep and a total height of 15 inches (53cm x 18cm x 38cm). In very good condition.

Ref: B397 . . . £2,795

Alerte by Le Faguays
Handsome bronze male warrior with a bow. He has a dark green-brown patina and is signed P. Le Faguays to the back of the bronze base. It measures approx. 16 inches long by 10 inches high (tbc) (41cm x 26cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: B401 . . . £2,795

Bronze Archer
Lovely French bronze archer on black marble base measuring 12 inches (30cm) high to the tip of his bow. Unsigned and artist unknown. Very good condition.

Ref: F1285 . . . £545

'The Hunt' by Chiparus
This is the bronze version of 'The Hunt' by Chiparus.

Ref: F2459 . . . Not For Sale

Bronze Panel of Mercury by Gilbert Bayes
A large and heavy art deco bronze panel, removed from an art deco building, of a winged figure of Mercury. This is possibly a grill cover or panel over a lift door. It measures 5 foot 2 inches long (158cm) and 20 inches high (51cm). Apparently unsigned but undoubtedly by Gilbert Bayes from the art deco period. This panel is very heavy and in very good original condition.
Born in 1872, Gilbert Bayes was a sculptor whose work spanned the Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1889, and then continued to work up to his death in 1953. Widely respected during his lifetime and President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors for many years, he was well known for his enthusiasm for public sculpture and for a close association between sculpture and architecture. As a result, work by Bayes can be seen in many parts of Britain, in France, Switzerland and Australia but he was above all a London sculptor. Major works by him to be seen in London include the Queen of Time clock above the main entrance to Selfridges in Oxford Street, the frieze on the Saville Theatre (now a cinema), in Shaftesbury Avenue and the large panel outside Lord's Cricket Ground. Most notably, the frieze on Doulton House on the Albert Embankment, the building being completed in 1939 and demolished in 1979. Other examples of his work are at the BBC, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Merchant Taylors' Hall, the headquarters of the London Fire Brigade and the Law Society. In addition, Bayes carried out many commissions for private clients, in wood, ivory, bronze, stone and concrete, as well as in ceramic. By far the greatest Art Deco sculptor in Britain, Bayes developed a characteristic style that is now highly evocative of its period. He was also responsible for more public sculpture between the wars than any other artist working in Britain, and so it is entirely fitting that his greatest, and most decorative, work should be on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Ref: B449 . . . SOLD

'The Warrior' by Decoux
Large stylised male warrior, a rare signed male statue by Decoux. Michel Decoux, 1837 - 1924, believed to be a Belgian artist famous for her stylised animals mainly in bronze. The man has a green patina, it is signed Decoux to the back of his sash, stamped bronze and bears a foundry stamp. Mounted on a black marble base that measures a large 26 inches by 8 (66cm x 20). The total height is 19.5 inches (49.5cm) to the tip of his spear. In extremely good condition with a few small edge nicks to the marble front and rear.

Ref: B236 . . . £3,495

Bronze Hoop Man
An unusual green patinated bronze figure with bronze hoop mounted on a stepped Belgian black marble base. Signed Leon Noel in the bronze and also stamped 'Statua'. Monogrammed HB but artist currently unknown. Total height is 22.5 inches (58cm), 19 inches (49cm) wide including the overhang and 6 inches (15cm) deep. Excellent original condition.

Ref: B390 . . . £2,295

Victory by Alexandre Oulene
French bronze bust of a man carrying a flag pole for victory after the 1st world war. This is the smaller version of this bust (I also have the larger version). It is signed in the bronze. Alexandre Ouline was a fine Art Deco era sculptor, born in Belgium, working in France. Ouline worked for a very brief period (1918-1940), making his pieces highly collectable.The base is of black marble and measures 18 inches long by 5.5 inches deep and the statue measures a total height of 12 inches (46cm x 14cm x 30cm). In very good vintage condition.

Ref: B425 . . . £995

Bronze Warrior by Le Faguays
This is the larger of 3 sizes of this art deco warrior-hunter figure by Pierre Le Faguays. A large patinated bronze circa 1925 and signed in the bronze. He measures 14 inches high by 21 inches long by 4.5 inches deep (36cm x 54cm x 11.5cm). Condition is very good with a slight kink in his spear.

Ref: B479 . . . £5,695

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