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Ceramic Figures - Page 1

A large selection of ceramic dancers, busts and other ceramic statuary items.

Ceramic Dancer
Fine china dancer, probably German or French, in excellent condition - 11 inches high (28cm). Lots more pics available, email me and quote the reference number.

Ref: CH642 . . . £375

The Tango by Royal Dux
Large 15 inch (38cm) ceramic tango dancers, beautifully hand painted in the 1920s-1930s. The underside bears the blue Royal Dux mark, Czechoslovakia, and is numbered 3240-17P. Condition is excellent.

Ref: CH643 . . . £695

Rare Czech Sailor
Lovely ceramic, 6.5 inch (16cm) sailor, beautifully hand painted. I believe this and another similar figure I have of Charlie Chaplin were modelled on the theme of movie stars. The Charlie Chaplin figure I have has a metal walking stick, and this sailor model has a metal pipe in his mouth. I believe they are quite rare and part of a larger group. Please email me for pictures of both of these figures together. Condition is excellent.

Ref: CH645 . . . £280

Beswick Figures
CH563: (left) Modernist Duck by Beswick
An English matt cream ceramic stylised duck on a lilypad - a signed piece from the Beswick pottery. He measures 8.5 inches high and is in perfect condition. SOLD

CH562: (right) Modernist Lamb by Beswick
A very stylish matt cream glaze ceramic lamb by the English company Beswick, with the mark underneath. Measures 7.5 inches high and in excellent condition. £145

Ref: CH562 . . . £145

Large Lady & Dog by Royal Dux
A ceramic lady and dog figure by the Czech company of Royal Dux and bearing the stamp under the base. She measures a large 12.5 inches high and is in excellent condition. Please email me for more pics.

Ref: CH205 . . . £250

Charlie Chaplin Figure
A Czech ceramic figure of Charlie Chaplin, measuring 7 inches (18cm) high, and stamped Czechoslovakia and numbered. Condition is very good.

Ref: CH99 . . . £280

Tiger by Lavroff
French ceramic tiger signed by the artist Lavroff. I have owned this piece in three mediums, bronze, terracotta and now this ceramic version. I believe this version is the rarest. Condition is very good with a couple of small firing cracks and a chip to one corner. 23 inches long.
For more information on this item please see the book 'Les Craqueles Art Deco', page 238 for one in plain ceramic. This model is by Georges Lavroff and was produced by the Sevres Company of Paul Milet. Its title is Tigre Tapi.

Ref: CH1286 . . . £3,495

Faience Dancer by D'Argyl
French ceramic female dancer, glazed in vivid royal blue with gilt patterning. Signed D'Argyl to the side of the base. I have had many pieces by this same artist and the quality always amazes me. She measures 14.25 inches (36cm). IN excellent condition, no chips, cracks or repairs.

Ref: CH1287 . . . £795

Dancer by Fasold and Stauch
Ceramic Art Deco dancer. She measures 9.5 inches high (25cm) high. Unfortunately missing the tips of 3 fingers and a chip under the base around the hole. Email me for more pics.

Ref: CH1723 . . . £175

Garcon by Lindsey B
This is the now extremely rare art deco Garcon. He is the table top Garcon and was made in 3 sizes in the early 1980s. As these are ceramic not many have survived. This is the smallest one next is the waist high one (of which I have 2 for sale) and then the largest was over 6 foot tall (I also have one of these but he is not for sale). This one has come from some old stock that came out of her workshop when she finished the business in the mid 1980s. Note that this one has the stepped curved base which makes it a very early one and possibly a prototype. It has a speckled black/green finish. The tray is chromed metal. The condition is as new. He measures 16.5 inches high (42cm). You are unlikely to ever find another one in such good condition.

Ref: M5191 . . . £895

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