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IMPORTANT NOTE - We buy clocks for their physical appearance rather than if they work, and the presence of a nice figure on top helps. However, when purchasing clocks we do try to ascertain whether a clock is in working condition or not - which is not always easy to do on the spot, and we will pass on to its new owners the accompanying bell, pendulum and key. Consequently, we can never guarantee that a clock is working, or that it will continue to work after sale, (the original guarantee probably ran out 80 years ago). We are unable to test movements and consequently we can only indicate whether we have had a clock working for a short test. It is possible that the mechanism has been replaced sometime in the clock's life, it is possible that the original pendulum, bell or key have been lost and replaced, it is also possible that we will not be able to supply a pendulum, bell or key which fits correctly, especially as some clocks have to be purchased without its components. As a consequence when buying a clock from Sheryl's Art Deco Emporium, please feel free to ask us if it is working. We will try to give an honest opinion of the condition of a clocks workings, but we are not clock experts and NO GUARANTEE IS GIVEN. This type of clock movement has been in production for a long time and are well known to be very robust. Generally speaking if a clock has not suffered any broken parts (rare), and that we are able to get it running for a short time, it may be possible to get it running with just a simple clean and service. We unfortunately cannot perform this service, but there are plenty of clock repairers who can. Alternatively, if a clock movement is beyond repair, it is possible to have a clock movement replaced with a battery run quartz movement, which means a beautiful art deco clock will be able to keep time perfectly without having to wind it up.

Oriental Clock Set by Orchies
French art deco 1930s ceramic clock three part garniture set by Orchies. This is an extremely rare set and you normally only find the clock without the garnitures. The set is of Museum quality and shows 4 oriental figures two men holding the clock up and 2 ladies one on each of the vase garnitures. The ladies are sitting holding trays. In typical Orchies crackle glaze with hand painted decoration in turquoise, navy gold and black giving it a screaming deco look. All 3 pieces are marked with Orchies mark and signed and the clock is in working order. The clock itself measures 9 inches wide by 4.75 inches deep by 15 inches high (23cm x 12cm x 38cm). The garnitures each measure 5 inches wide by 6.5 inches deep by 12 inches high (12.5cm x 16.5cm x 30). The clock on its own from this set can be viewed in the Les Craqueles Book on page 271. In excellent original condition with no damage or repairs.

Ref: CL840 . . . £2,295 -->

Art Deco Clock Set by Decoux
French art deco chromed bronze panther clock set with matching side lights. Four glass clock with enamel face set in between marble columns and to the top a stunning stylised Panther. It has a chromed metal diamond pendulum and its original key and bell. Unsigned but by Decoux, I have another clock with this same panther and it is signed Decoux. The side lights have their original Decoux amber glass ribbed shades. Size of the clock is 16 inches wide by 19 inches high and 6 inches deep (41cm x 48cm x 15cm). Each of the side lights measures 7 inches wide by 13.5 inches high by 3 inches deep (17.5cm x 34.5cm x 7.5cm). Condition is very good with one small mark inside to the base where someone has left the key for some time and it has left a mark to the chromed metal. We have had the clock running. These Decoux clocks are now getting very hard to find, especially in such good condition. Please note that the columns on the side lights are the wrong way around and that the front of the columns has the same marble finish as the base.

Ref: CL836 . . . £2,495

Menneville Clock Set
An unsigned lady clock set by Menneville. She is spelter and ivoreen and is mounted on an orange and white onyx base with a pair of matching garnitures. A slightly smaller clock set but in good original condition. This clock measures 17.75 inches long by 4 inches deep by 13.5 inches total height (45cm x 10cm x 34cm) and each garniture measures 4 inches wide by 3 inches deep by 6.5 inches high (10cm x 7.5cm x 16.5cm).

Ref: CL62 . . . £740

Spelter Clock Set
French grey marble and spelter clock set with green spelter lady sitting at the side with 2 spelter garnitures. Unsigned it is in good working condition. Size approx (without garnitures) 20 inches long x 12 inches tall.

Ref: CL12 . . . £760

Seagull Clock Set
French brown marble and green onyx clock set, with 2 spelter Seagulls on either end. It has a tall cased glass and chrome clock section, with a matching chrome pendulum. The clock measures 13 inches high and the base of the clock is approx 22inches wide, and there are 2 matching garnitures.

Ref: CL91 . . . £465

Diane & Wolf by De La Tour
A French spelter clock set by Kate De La Tour, of a lady wearing a maroon, gold and black dress and accompanied by a spelter wolf. The clock is a mixture of brown, cream and green onyx and the lady figure is silvered spelter, although the silvering is now worn away in places to show the bronze coloured spelter underneath. The clock face is a bit grubby, but other than this she is still a very nice clock. Measures 21 inches high, 25 inches wide and 7 inches deep. Clock works.

Ref: CL553 . . . £895

French Wall Clock
A nice quality chiming wall clock, not sure of the wood, possibly walnut. It has a leaded, bevelled pendulum window glass, with chrome strips either side and generally nice quality decorative features all round. The clock works and chimes, although some of the chimes are out of tune, giving a comical rendition of big-ben. I believe that the chimes can easily be retuned by adjusting the chime bar length. A lovely chrome pendulum and original makers plaque inside, in good condition with just a small mark on the top right of the clock face and some general wear to the key winding holes. 3 separate key winders, and you can individually arrest the chimes. Clock signed by the maker P Moulin. 13.5 inches by 28 inches tall and 7 inches deep.

Ref: CL562 . . . £195

Bronze Lady & Dog Clock by Lavroff
Although unsigned, this bronze lady and dog are by George Lavroff and appears in the Lavroff book, and are mounted on a cream/brown onyx clock measuring 22 inches by 13 inches high and 6 inches deep. It has a quality domed glass door and enamel face and is mounted on bronze corner feet. The clock is in good working condition as recently overhauled. Onyx is also in good condition. We also have another version of this clock (CL204) with its original garnitures. Please ask for pics.

Ref: CL563 . . . £1,695

Modernist Elephant Clock
Fabulous phenolic clack in the form of a stylised cubist elephant balancing a ball on his trunk. It has an 8 day movement and it measures 10 inches by 2.5 by 7 high (25cm x 16.5 x 19). Condition is good however I must report some surface cracking and an old repair crack to the phenolic case. Clock is in full working order.

Ref: CL839 . . . £295

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