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Bronze Squirrel Clock
This wonderful stylised French bronze clock is a mix of stylisation and cubism. The quality is exceptional. The bronze patinated squirrels sit on a chromed bronze plate on a grey and verdigris marble base. The quality movement is stamped 'Medallie D'Argent 1855'. The base measures 14.5 x 6 inches deep and the height is 10 inches. The condition is excellent with just a little wear to the chrome plating on the tray where the bronze is showing through, and the opaque glass door at the back of the clock has a crack.

Ref: CL210 . . . £3,450

China Clock
A stylised blue china clock depicting a lady feeding deer, measuring 15 inches long and 10 inches high. Condition is good and I have had the clock working, but the advance and retard lever has to be adjusted from inside the rear cover. Consequently, I am selling as a non-runner - perhaps ready for a quartz conversion.

Ref: CL525 . . . £145

Desert Scene Clock
A French spelter clock with a pair of lions caressing each other amid a scene of pyramids. Central is a green onyx ribbed clock mounted on a craem onyx base which measures approx 24 inches long, 8 inches deep and totals approx 14 inches high. The pyramid shaped marble blocks are of Sienna marble. Condition is good, the clock has a mechanical movement and is working.

Ref: CL240 . . . £790

Chrome Electric Lamp Clock
Chrome metal panel with curved ends that conceal light bulbs to either end. Central section has a clock with red enamelled hands and hour digits. Heavy chromed ribbed base that measures 12 inches wide by 2,5 deep and the total height is 7.5 inches (31cm x 6.5 x 19). t appears to have been rewired but must be checked by a qualified electrician before use, although I am happy to plug it in and show it to you working. There is an an on/off switch to the back and condition is extremely good with excellent chrome work.

Ref: CL681 . . . £595

French Wooden cased Clock by ATO
This stylish clock is a piece of history, it was made in the late 1920's by Leon Hatot (ATO) and was one of the first battery operated clocks. Case with carved stylised Sue et Mare style floral patterning. It measures 13.5 inches by 3.75 deep by 8 high (34cm x 9.5 x 20). I do not know if it is working but apparently they are easily converted to run on modern batteries.

Ref: CL682 . . . £595

Machine Age Clock
Small bedside glass and chromed metal clock. In good condition but with some slight paint loss. It measures 5 inches wide by 5.5 high (12.5cm x 14). It is currently working but we cannot guarantee an old clock.

Ref: CL739 . . . £195

Lady Clock by Uriano
French spelter lady clock by Uriano, the lady has original dinanderie detailing to her dress. The clock is made of black marble and onyx and it measures 20 inches long by 4 inches deep by 10.5 inches high (51cm x 10cm x 26.5cm). In very good vintage used condition with just a little minor age wear to the ladies skin patina. We have had the clock working so the movement is good but please read my information on clocks.

Ref: CL740 . . . £595

Fairy Clock by Sega
French spelter and marble clock with a pair of patinated metal figures either side of a clock with a basket of flowers and garlands. Portorro and pink striated marble. Matching garnitures. Signed Sega to the fairies. Very good condition and the clock is working. Some very minor marble chips and the clock face is 'used'. The main clock section measures 19.25 inches (49cm) long, 5.5 inches (14cm) deep and total height is 14.5 inches (37cm).

Ref: CL741 . . . £995

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