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Clocks Page 23

Lady & Peacock Clock Set
A spelter and marble clock set, in predominantly rosso marble with sections of verdigris on the top of the clock and base of the matching garnitures. There is a spelter lady and peacock, with their original patina on the top, and the clock has an enamelled face bearing the makers name Frappier, IURY, France. A brass bezel and domed glass door complete this lovely clock. In good original working condition, with just a couple of the usual nibbles here and there, but no damage or repairs that I can see. Clock measures (without garnitures) 20 inches wide, 14 inches high and 6 inches deep.

Ref: CL238 . . . £695

Modernist Tortoiseshell Clock Set
A stylish 3-piece clock set with wooden casing which is covered in celluloid tortoiseshell and pearlised veneers. The clock is shaped in an amazing stepped and angled design and has a lounging lady feeding a goat on the top. It appears to be unsigned, but probably by Sega or maybe Salvadoro. The clock measures 16.5 inches wide and the total height is 12 inches (42x31cm). The set consists of the clock, and a pair of matching garnitures. Condition is very good with just a slight warping to one side of one garniture wing section, which is barely noticeable.

Ref: CL581 . . . £695

Bronze Egyptian Revival Clock
Stylised bronze kneeling ladies holding up a marble clock. Made in France in the early 1930's it measures 14.5 inches tall by 13.5 wide by 5 deep (37cm x 34 x 13). It is in working order and condition is good but may have had a marble repair to the back top panel but barely noticeable. The pendulum is possibly not original to the clock.

Ref: CL675 . . . £645

The Bird Lady Clock by Uriano
French lady and bird modernist shape clock set. Kneeling lady with dinanderie enamelling to her dress, signed to the back Uriano. I believe Uriano may have been a pseudonym used by Ugo Cipriani. The clock measures 23 inches long by 5.5 inches deep by a total height to the top of her head of 14.5 inches (59cm x 14cm x 37cm). Condition is good with just a few minor age related chips to the marble base.

Ref: CL766 . . . £895

French Mantle Clock
French spelter figural mantle clock showing young woman and deer reaching across a rosso marble case with a section of green onyx. Metal dial with French Exacta movement in very good, clean working condition. This clock is complemented with a pair of side dishes of rosso marble, green onyx and spelter stems. The clock measures approximately 21.5 inches long (54cm), 13 inches high (33cm) and 5 inches deep (13cm).

Ref: CL510 . . . £740

Sunray Clock by ATO
French amboyne and rosewood sunray clock made by ATO (Leon Hatot) in the late 1920s. The face is marked ATO Electrique. The case measures 14 inches long by 3 inches deep and the total height is 9.5 inches (36cm x 7.5cm x 24cm). Condition is very good as I have had the case renovated.

Ref: CL773 . . . £695

Bakelite Mantle Clock
Smaller dark brown bakelite mantle clock with chrome deco numerals. In good working order. It measures 10 inches wide by 3 inches deep by 7 inches high (25.5cm x 7.5cm x 18cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: CL778 . . . £395

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