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Clocks Page 6

Mallard Clock
Unusual French spelter Duck Clock. The duck is flying over the brown marble clock, which has green onyx detailing. It is approx 18 inches wide.

Ref: CL90 . . . £395

Girl and Goat Clock Set
A French spelter clock set with girl and goat, probably by 'Sega' but unsigned. In good working order. It measures 19.75 inches (50cm) long, 12 inches (30cm) high and 4 inches (10cm) deep. The good quality pair of matching garnitures are of a similar onyx, portorro marble with spelter stems. The garnitures measure 7 inches (18cm) high and 5 inches (13cm) square.

Ref: CL71 . . . £395

Limousin Clock Set
Absolutely wonderful French Clock-set with not just one spelter lady, but two! Although unsigned, I'm certain this is the work of 'Limousin'. The ladies are naked except for scarves draped over and Egyptian style belts, and they are holding bunches of grapes. The clock works and there are 2 matching garnitures. Weight including the garnitures is a hefty 55 pounds and the base measures 21.5 inches by 14 inches high.

Ref: CL67 . . . £820

Spelter Girl Clock Set

This little French spelter clock set is in lovely original condition. The base of black and brown marble measures 15 inches (38cm) wide and the whole clock set is 15 inches (38cm) tall. The clock seems to be working ok and is complimented by 2 matching garnitures.

Ref: CL95 . . . £495

Small Clock by ATO
This smaller French wooden cased clock with bronze face, surround and feet, was made by Leon Hatot. Otherwise know as an Ato (ato being the middle letters of Hatot), he was famous as the first person to invent a battery operated clock as early as the 1920s. This clock is one of those pieces and it measures approx 4 inches square (10cm), he made a whole range of these smaller clocks as well as larger pieces. The face has the typical ato spiders web finish and deco numerals. I cannot guarantee if this clock will work or not as I do not have the know how or the battery to get it running. These Ato clocks are highly sought after by collectors world wide. Condition is good but I am not sure the nuts on the corners of the glass are original and the movement is loose in the back.

Ref: CL671 . . . £545

Limousin Lady Clock
French spelter kneeling lady clock, and unsigned Limousin. Clock base and case is made of two tone onyx and measures 16 inches long by 6.5 deep (40cm x 16.5). The clock movement is signed Tremolieres Troyes. The total height to the ladies top elbow is 11.5 inches (29cm). Condition is good but it does not maintain its tick, so probably would need a service. Hence . . .

Ref: CL680 . . . £645

Faux Shagreen Clock
Another unusual deco clock with green enamelled shagreen effect finish and cream perspex type ring inside the outer green shagreen clock face suspending the movement. Good condition and working but with some marks to the finish but nothing drastic.

Ref: CL764 . . . £495

Modernist Mantle Clock
Walnut case with chrome numerals and original art deco hands mounted on a chromed metal base. Now fitted with a quartz movement so need to keep winding it up. It measures 11.5 inches high by 8.5 inches wide by 4 inches deep to the base (29cm x 21.5cm x 10cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: CL786 . . . £395

Lady Clock
Gilt spelter kneeling lady clock, probably designed by Lorenzl but unsigned. She is holding aloft a phenolic faced clock - which unfortunately does not work. The base is alabaster and the total height to the top of the clock is 14.5 inches (37cm). Other than a few age related expected marks condition is very good and could possibly be converted to a quartz movement quite cheaply.

Ref: CL787 . . . £595

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