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Bronze Dove Clock
A large French bronze dove clock approx 18 inches wide and 12 inches high with a very unusual pink marble surround. It has an enamel face and hand painted numerals, and has been recently overhauled by a clock expert at very considerable expense.

Ref: CL197 . . . £495

Beautiful Pheasant Clock Set
This stunning silvered spelter pheasant with lovely intricate detailing, contrasts with the strikingly deco combination of black marble and aqua onyx in diagonal intersections. It is by Rochard, although unsigned. The base is 27 inches in length, 5 inches deep and the total height is 12 inches. An amazing clock set in good working condition.

Ref: CL88 . . . £795

Dancing Lady Clock
A lovely French spelter dancing lady holding a tambourine and castanets. She has a silver patina with some gold detail on her hair and skirt and stands on a verdigris and pink marble base with gold deco detail finial feet. The clock is working, although as usual we cannot guarantee any clock as the guarantee ran out 80 years ago! Unsigned but I believe by Giraud Riviere.

Ref: CL89 . . . £780

'Menneville' Clock Set
A very beautiful, decodant spelter lady with Faux Ivory face and hands sitting on a base 25 inches long and measuring 12 inches in height wearing an opera cloak and cloche hat. Unsigned.

Ref: CL38 . . . £695

Bronze Egyptian Clock
A French bronze, Egyptian lady clock, made of various types of onyx and surmounted by a silvered bronze Egyptian Queen with striking headdress and resting her chin on her outstretched hand. An unsigned piece and the artist unknown to me. Again the clock has been working, but we cannot guarantee clock movements. The clock measures 18.5 inches wide, 5.25 inches deep and total height is 12 inches (47x13x31cm). In very good condition.

Ref: CL643 . . . £745

Stunning Bronze Floral Clock set
Amazing French onyx clock set with bronze green and gilt face surround and stylised flowers. The clock measures approx. 18 inches high by 13 inches wide (46x33cm) and is complemented by a pair of matching flowerpot garnitures. Condition is very good, the clock works, however the top section of onyx has a crack behind the bronze floral finial. Sizes are from memory as this clock is now in storage, so please ask for confirmation of sizes quoting reference number.

Ref: CL646 . . . £1195

The Dance by Lormier
French patinated bronze dancer clock. It has an onyx back drop wall with clock inserted. The back panel is marble and the statue dancer is a signed bronze by Lormier. Signed to the back of her sash and marked with a foundry mark and stamped bronze. The base measures 22 inches wide by 6 inches deep and the total height to the top of the wall is 15 inches (56cm x 5.5cm x 38cm). Condition is very good with just a few barely visible edge nicks and fissures to the onyx commensurate with age.

Ref: CL757 . . . £2,295

French Bedside Clock by Jaz
A smaller French bakelite clock. It measures approx. 6 inches high by 4 inches wide (tbc). We have had it working. In good vintage condition.

Ref: CL767 . . . £165

Oulene Panther Clock
French art deco marble sunray clock with an unsigned spelter panther by Oulene mounted to the top. The clock measures 21 inches long by 4 inches deep by 13 inches high (53cm x 10cm x 33cm). We have had this clock running. Condition is very good.

Ref: CL869 . . . £845

Bronze Art Deco Bird Clock by Danvin
French silvered bronze bird of paradise clock. Of asymmetrical form with the birds tail curving around the clock. The bird is silvered bronze and signed Danvin. The clock face is signed Lionel Nunnes Concarneau. It measures 19 inches wide by 14 inches high by 5 inched deep (49cm x 36cm x 12.5cm). Condition is very good - the clock face is immaculate. The marble has a few tiny edge nibbles as one would expect due to age but the condition is very good. We have the clock working.

Ref: CL865 . . . £2200

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