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Craquelier page 5

Rare Duck by Geo Conde
Rare hand painted French ceramic duck crackle glaze figure. Signed Geo Conde to the side of the base and marked under the base with the St Clement stamp and made in France. Measures 9 inches long by 3 deep by 7.5 high (23cm x 7.5 x 19). In good vintage condition. Conde items are very sought after.

Ref: CH1253 . . . £485

Ceramic Dog by Geo Conde
Geometric ceramic dog measures 7.5 inches long by 8 high (19cm x 20). Marked to the side of the base - Geo Conde and stamped indistinctly St Clement, made in France. These dogs were also produced with a matching cat as bookends. Can be viewed in - Les Craqueles art deco book on page 39. Condition is good but there is an under glaze chip to one end of the base (there from new) as is the nature of craqueliers.

Ref: CH1254 . . . £195

Clown Desk Ornament
French craquelier clown desk ornament. He sits holding an inkwell (not the original) and there is a hole in his had for a pen. He measures 8.5 inches tall by 7 deep by from front to back (22cm x 18). Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1256 . . . £245

Renard by Lemenceau
This is the large Renard (fox) with a brown crackle glaze. It measures 25 inches (64cm) long. Signed to the right hand edge of the base. In very good condition with just a few tiny under glaze chips as is common to crackle glaze items.

Ref: CH1266 . . . £275

Large Bust by Trinque
Large French cream ceramic crackle glaze bust, signed F. Trinque to the back. It measures 16 inches (41cm) high. In very good vintage condition.

Ref: CH1275 . . . £565

Crackle Glaze Duck
French ceramic crackleglaze duck dish - a rare one I have never seen before. He is signed and has a makers mark but I cannot read either properly. He measures 8.5 inches by 6 inches high (21 x 14cm). Condition is very good with just a few minor edge nibbles.

Ref: CH711 . . . £195

Ceramic Deer Group by ODYV
Pinky-beige French group by the ceramics company, ODYV and signed under. Measures a large 19 inches long by 4 inches deep and 10.5 inches high (48x10x27cm). Condition is very good - just a couple of small glaze nicks probably from new and fairly common on these items.

Ref: CH708 . . . £250

Rare Craquelier by Godard
Rare French terracotta stylised lady designed by Godard and produced by KAZA, and originally, I believe a lamp, having a recess either side of the lady with bulb attachment recesses. She measures 12.25 inches high (31cm) and is signed on the base by Godard who was a very famous sculptural artist of the age. Condition is very good with just a couple of firing cracks to the clay underneath the base by a bulb holder recess.

Ref: CH661 . . . £375

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