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Large Female Spelter Figures 12

'Whispers' by Uriano
Spelter Lady and Child group, unsigned - on a lovely onyx and marble base approximately 16 inches high by about 20 inches long. Both the lady and child's skin tone appears to have been re-patinated, although condition is excellent overall, with their dresses being in the original gold and black enamel. I also have a clock version of this statue.

Ref: F625 . . . £680

Chiparus Spelter Group
A large French spelter group, mounted on a white striated, black marble base measuring 33.5 inches long by 6.5 inches wide and 14.5 inches high. The figures still retain much of their original patina with some wear due to age and I believe there is a small goat missing which would explain a couple of black dots in the base. I have another of this figure which has a pair of goats, the larger at the back and a smaller goat to the front. The base is signed D.H Chiparus and condition is good with just a few minor marble nicks.

Ref: F964 . . . £895

'Quietude' by Uriano
A large unsigned Uriano spelter group with a base of black marble with green and brown onyx patterning to the top surface. The base measures almost 32 inches long and the lady is 16 inches high (41cm). Silvered spelter skin tone with bronzed coloured patina to the deer and lady’s dress and sash with gold enamelling detail. Condition is extremely good with just a few tiny marble nicks. I also have the large version of this piece with a pair of deer (F745).
I can date this piece to 1935 as I have the original Founders catalogue.

Ref: F965 . . . £995

'Friends' by Arisse
A large 34 inch (86cm) long French spelter figural group signed G. Arisse to the marble. The silver patinated lady with bronzed enamelled dress measures 18 inches high (49cm) and the dogs have a bronzed patina. I have had this piece in various forms but this is the largest with 2 dogs. The base is of portorro and Brazilian green onyx. Condition is very good with no apparent damage just a few minor marble nicks hardly worth mentioning. 7 inches in depth (18cm).

Ref: F966 . . . £895

Tall Nude Dancer
A French spelter nude dancer holding balls, unsigned but possibly by Limousin. She measures a total height of 21 inches (53cm) with a pyramid base of rosso and portorro marble. Condition is very good with just some minor age wear to the patina, quite acceptable for her age.

Ref: F967 . . . £645

Chiparus Spelter Group
A large French spelter group, mounted on a portorro and onyx base measuring 29.5 inches long by 6 inches wide and 15 inches high. The lady figure has a gold patina as much of their original silver patina on the skin has disappeared due to age but the goats still retain their original patina. The base is signed D.H Chiparus although this is very difficult to read except in strong light as it has been engraved into the onyx and not the marble and polishing over the years has reduced its visibility. Otherwise condition is good with just a few minor marble nicks and the previously mentioned age wear to the girls patina.

Ref: F968 . . . £995

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