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Large Female Spelter Figures 3

Diane and Stag by Devine
French art deco blue patinated spelter statue of Diane the huntress wrestling with a stag. Signed to the corner of the portorro marble base. It measures 24 inches long by 6.5 inches deep and a total height of 18.5 inches (61cm x 16.5cm 47cm). I also have this same Diane statue with a horse. Condition is very good.

Ref: F3006 . . . £995

Art Deco Harp Lady Statue
French spelter pretty art deco lady with an ivorine harp. She sits on an onyx and portorro marble base that measures 16.5 inches long by 7 inches deep and the total height is 12.5 inches (42cm x 17.5cm x 31cm). A top quality spelter statue by good artist but unsigned. Condition is excellent.

Ref: F3007 . . . £995

Seduction by Le Faguays
French spelter Art Deco statue by Pierre Le Faguays but signed in his pseudonym - Fayral. Mounted on a portorro marble base. It measures - 8.5 inches high by 29.5 inches long (22cm x 75cm). In good condition.

Ref: F1985 . . . £2,495

Lady and Deer Group
A French spelter lady with sun ray detail on her skirt, mounted on a 26 inch (66cm) Portorro base with central green onyx intersection. She stands 11 inches (28cm) tall and the base is 5 inches (13cm) deep. Very good original condition with just the usual age related marks and patina loss commensurate with age.

Ref: F503 . . . £650

Lady and Dog group
A pretty French, green patinated spelter nude and borzois dog on a 19 inch black white and gold marble base. Weighing 14 pounds.

Ref: F139 . . . £535

Huge Diane by Uriano
French spelter figural group, an unsigned piece by Uriano. This model does not come up for sale very often nowadays. Base is of brown onyx and portorro and measures 31 inches long by 6.5 (79cm x 17). Total height is 21.5 inches (55cm) to the tip of her bow. In good condition with some re silvering to her skin tone and the original dinanderie to her dress and the birds.

Ref: F1524 . . . £1,695

Diana by Uriano
Large French spelter group by Uriano. Unsigned but then this piece is rarely signed but definitely by Uriano. Lady has a green patina with original dinanderie work to her outfit and sash and an ivorine bow. The two deer have a dark bronze patina and have ivorine horns. Base is of Belgian black marble and Brazilian green onyx and measures 32 inches long by 8 deep, including the front onyx ribbed finials. (82cm x 20.5). The total height of the lady is 15 inches to the top of her head and 22 to the tip of her bow (38cm and 54). The condition is very good with a few old minor cracks to the surface of the onyx, which look like natural fissures to the stone.

Ref: F1532 . . . £1,495

Large Disc Dancer by Bouraine
Green patinated Le Verrier art metal figure with glass discs, signed Derene, a pseudonym of Bouraine. This is the larger version, measuring approx. 19.5 inches high (50cm) including the black marble base. Very good condition with slight wear to the green patina in places commensurate with age.

Ref: F1536 . . . £1,495

Goddess of the Hunt by Limousin
Huge signed Limousin Diane the huntress spelter statue. Made in France in the early 1930's, the lady has a cream patina skin tone and original dinanderie detailing to her clothes - which still retains its original gilt patterning. The wild boar all have a bronzed patina. The base is made of brown and green onyx and portorro marble and measures 33 inches long by 7.75 deep (84cm x 19.5). The total height to the top of the ladies spear is 28 inches (71cm). Signed to the back of the ladies sash - Limousin. Condition is vintage but very good with some expected ageing to the patina on the ladies skin.

Ref: F1595 . . . £1,595

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