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Large Female Spelter Figures 5

Uriano Illuminated Pool-Lady
A French spelter signed on the back of her dress by Uriano, 15 inches wide, 19 inches tall and 6.5 inches deep. The base of this lovely subject lights up to give a lovely glow to the cave she is sitting on. She is wearing a red and gold enamel detailed dress, and the condition is good with just a few of the usual age related marks to the marble.

Ref: F2013 . . . £875

Lady and Boy by Uriano A red dressed spelter lady and boy playing a violin. She is reclining on a brown and black marble wall with cream onyx detailing. The lady is signed on the back of her dress by 'Uriano'. Measuring 15 inches high and 19 inches across the base.
Produced in the early 1930's according to the original founders catalogue.

Ref: F274 . . . £730

Diane the Huntress by Dauvergne
I have 4 of this same figure by Dauvergne, but the others have 2 leaping Ibex instead of the one that this piece has. This one measures approximately 22 inches long and is 21 inches high. She is made of spelter and has a silvered patina with bronzed robe detail. The condition is good.

Ref: F2023 . . . £795

The Ballet Dancer by 'Molins'
1920's French spelter dancer with Ballet Russe style costume signed H. Molins on the back of her skirt, accompanied by 2 alsatian dogs on a curved buff marble base with black detailing. Base measures approximately 22 inches long and the lady is approximately 11 inches high.

Ref: F237 . . . £385

Mother and Child Group by Uriano
This lady is mounted on a mixed marble and onyx walled base, with her arms outstretched to a child running with a bunch of flowers. Made of French spelter with a silvered patina and black and gold clothing detail. Total height is 15.5 inches (40cm) high and the base is 26.25 inch (67cm) long and 7 inches (18cm) deep. Condition is very good and original.

Ref: F269 . . . £685

Theatrical Dancer by Le Faguays
A French, green patinated spelter dancer with gilt detail to her dress, mounted on a Belgian Black marble base measuring 16 inches (40cm) high and 11 inches (28cm). Signed to the metal Fayral which is a pseudonym of Pierre Le Faguays. Condition is very good, with no chips or damage to the base but some ageing to the patina commensurate with age.

Ref: F1900 . . . £1,895

'Treats' by Maxim
French Art Deco spelter lady feeding dachshund dogs chocolate. A signed piece by George Maxim - signed to the back of her skirt Geo Maxim. Mounted on an unusual lozenge shaped Rosso marble base. It measures 24 inches long (61cm), 9 inches high (23cm) and 6 inches deep (15cm). In good vintage condition with a little patina wear to the lady as one would expect due to age.

Ref: F2240 . . . £495

'Tender Promises' after Chiparus
This is a spelter and ivorine version of Chiparus's Tender Promises art deco statue. It is signed Chiparus and has the bronze round Etling disc on the back. However this is not a genuine Chiparus, but it still makes a very big statement. It does however have very convincing faces and hands. An original would be in the high thousands and can be seen in the Chiparus book by Alberto Shayo, page 86. It measures 31 inches (79cm) long by 7.5 inches (19cm) deep and 15.5 inches high (40cm). Condition is good but there has been a repair at some stage to the onyx base but it is not very noticeable.

Ref: F3037 . . . £1,995

'Tender Promises' after Chiparus
A photo of the original Tender Promises by Chiparus

Ref: F3037

Spelter Group by Limousin
French art deco spelter statue of a lady with two borzois dogs. Mounted on a marble base. It is an unsigned Limousin. It measures 18 inches wide 15.5 inches high by 5 inches deep (46cm x 40cm x 12cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F3069 . . . £795

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