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Large Female Spelter Figures 9

Large Olympie by Le Faguays
This is one of my large 'Olympie' statues, made by the Le Verrier foundry in the 1930's and signed Fayral. Fayral was a pseudonym used by Pierre Le Faguays. This lovely lady measures 20 inches (51cm) total height including the stone base. The total width measures 13 inches by 4.5 deep (33 x 11.5cm). The lady has a green patina and is signed under her foot Fayral. Condition is not perfect as there are some chips to the stone base and a tip of one of her fingers is missing.

Ref: F1281 . . . £1,295

Fan Dancer by Limousin
Spelter lady in a feather hemmed skirt, holding a fan above her shoulders. The fan shows two Icarus Cherubs. She is mounted on a signed portorro marble base that measures 12 inches by 5 and her total height is 9 inches (30cm x 13 x 20). Condition is good with some minor wear to the patina.

Ref: F1452 . . . £465

Signed Lady & Deer Group
Classical French Dianne and Deer spelter figural group with a green/brown patina, signed 'Ouline', and mounted on a black marble base.
L: 23.5 inches, D: 6.5 inches, H: 13.5 inches. Weight: 34 pounds (16 kilos).

Ref: F2048 . . . £695

Limousin Table Centre Piece
French bronze patinated spelter ladies mounted on a portorro marble base and holding a pate de verre dish with floral detail. Suitable as a table centre piece of desk ornament. Signed Limo (for Limousin) and in very good condition. Measures 17 inches (43cm) long and 8 inches (20cm) high.

Ref: F1569 . . . £865

Spelter Group by Arrisse
Large French spelter figural group, signed to the base G Arrisse. Silvered patina with dinanderie patterning to her dress and the cockerels. Mounted on a portorro marble base that measures 28 inches long by 6 inches deep (71cm x 15cm). The front of the base has onyx detailing. Condition is vintage and so it has some minor wear to the patina but still good.

Ref: F1838 . . . £795

Sur la Passerelle by Menneville
French spelter and ivorine (phenolic) lady with dinanderie patterning to her green dress. She is feeding a baby deer. Her official and original title is - Sur la Passerelle. I know this as I have an originally foundry catalogue with the information in it. The foundry that produced it was the Silvin foundry in Paris. Silvin was the cousin of Costin another Parisian foundry producing the Menneville, Rochard and De Roncourt statues during the early 1930s. This statue is signed on the right hand end of the base and I believe Menneville was a pseudonym used by Ugo Cipriani. It measures 31.5 inches long by 14.5 inches high (80cm x 37cm). Now a rare find in such good condition.

Ref: F1844 . . . £1,795

The Toga Dancer by Carlier
A French spelter lady toga dancer, similar to the Godard bubble-dancer and probably modelled on the same theatrical performance. This one appears to be unsigned but undoubtedly by Carlier. She is the larger version of 2 sizes that were made and she measures nearly 18 inches high and is standing on a stepped triangular cream onyx and portorro marble pedestal base. Condition is good but probably repatinated at some time.

Ref: F738 . . . £765

Harem Dancer by Limousin
Lovely French spelter harem dancer with bronzed patina and mounted on a stepped and curved marble base with measures approximately 13.5 inches by 6.5 inches and total height is 9 inches (33x17x24cm). Unsigned but definitely by Limousin and in very good condition apart from a small split to the scarf in her hand.

Ref: F1090 . . . £565

Bird Lady by Uriano
French spelter lady with dark brown patina and mounted on a portorro marble and onyx base. Very good original condition although the base may have been repaired, but barely noticeable. Unsigned but by Uriano. Measures approximately 15.5 inches high (39cm) and 17 inches wide by 7 inches deep (43x18cm).

Ref: F1199 . . . £695

Frankart Nude Ashtray
Made in the 1930's in USA of cast metal and measuring nearly 24 inches high (60cm), with a base diameter of 7 inches (17.5cm), this stylised statue was originally an ashtray made originally to stand at the end of a sofa or chair, but now probably more useful as a trinket dish or potpourri. Would originally have had a glass ashtray dish to the top (now missing). Condition is very good. Stamped into the base metal - Frankart. These original Frankart pieces are now proving hard to find and are highly sought after by US collectors.

Ref: F1315 . . . £695

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