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Small Female Spelter Figures 3

Lorenzl Striker
Austrian spelter dancer with scarf standing next to a striker column (cigarette lighter). She is mounted on a portorro marble base that measures 6 inches by 3.5 inches and the total height of 11 inches (28cm). Condition is good with some ageing to the patina and to the striker column.

Ref: F1363 . . . £675

'Danse Paienne' by Derenne
This lovely green patinated art metal statue was made by the Le Verrier foundry in the 1930's. She is known as Danse Paienne. Derenne is a pseudonym used by Marcel Bouraine. She measures approximately 11 inches high (28cm) and is in good original condition with very little age wear to the patina. Signed to the base metal Derenne.

Ref: F1371 . . . £745

Spelter Jester
A gold patinated spelter jester, nearly 10 inches tall wearing leggings and a jesters hat and jacket. She is mounted on a circular alabaster base. There are a number of small chips to the base and there may have been some restoration to her foot. She also has some patina loss in places.

Ref: F399 . . . £295

The Ball Dancer by Limousin
French spelter dancer mounted on a pyramid base of portorro and rosso marble. Signed to the base Limousin. She is balancing two ivorine balls on her hands and she wears a dress which is decorated with dinanderie patterning. Total height is approx. 18.5 inches (47cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F1658 . . . £765

The Dance by Balleste
French spelter lady dancer, an unsigned Balleste. Mounted on a 5 inch high (12.5cm) marble base with a total height of 15.5 inches (40cm). Condition is vintage but good with no repairs or damage.

Ref: F1968 . . . £695

Grecian Dancer by Fayral
A French green patinated art deco dancer signed by the artist Fayral - a pseudonym for Pierre Le Faguays. Condition is very good with just a couple of very tiny marble nibbles. She measures approximately 10 inches (25.5cm) high.

Ref: F1999 . . . £695

The Offering by Limousin
French art deco Egyptian spelter dancer wearing a scarab beetle necklace. She is offering flowers to the gods and mounted on a pyramid base the measures 17 inches long by 5.5 inches deep and the total height of the lady is 10.5 inches (43cm x 14cm x 27cm). Signed on the back of her sash - Limousin. Base is made of Sienna and portorro marble. Condition is very good.

Ref: F1969 . . . £695

Danseuse Eventail by Limousin
French silvered spelter dancer with a cupids fan. Mounted on a portorro marble bas, and unsigned Limousin. Base measures 12.5 inches long by 4.5 inches deep and the total height is 9 inches (32cm x 11.5cm x 23cm). In good vintage condition with a couple off tiny nicks to the marble.

Ref: F1805 . . . £495

Lady Dancer by Balleste
French spelter tambourine dancer doing the splits. She is holding a phenolic panelled tambourine and mounted on a marble base. Base measures 13 inches long by 4.25 inches deep and the total height of the statue is 12.5 inches (33cm x 10.5cm x 32cm). Signed Balleste to the base. In good vintage condition.

Ref: F1806 . . . £495

Lysis by Pierre Le Faguays
French art deco dancer figure in green patinated art metal. Designed by Pierre Le Faguays and bearing his pseudonym signature of Fayral to the base. Also bears the Le Verrier foundry stamp to the base. She is mounted a a black marble base and measures 16 inches high by 11 inches wide (40cm x 28cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F3063 . . . £1,895

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