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Small Female Spelter Figures 6

Briand Hoop Lady
A pretty French Hoop-Lady signed by Briand, made in the Le Verrier foundry in the 1920's. It is a spelter piece with the usual Le Verrier quality of a bronze. She stands on a pyramid of green speckled granite base 3.5 inches square and measures just under 13 inches to the top of her hoop. She has a green patina and the condition is good with a few expected age marks to the finish.

Ref: F2149 . . . £595

'Danseuse au Cerceau' by Briand
This is the famous hoop dancer by Briand which I believe was a pseudonym used by Marcel Bouraine. She is an original 1920's piece from the Le Verrier foundry in Paris, and has a green patina. Good original condition. 12 inches high (30cm).

Ref: F1065 . . . £595

'Prelude' by Fayral
This lovely harp lady is known as Prelude and she is signed Fayral. Fayral was a pseudonym used by Le Faguays. She has a green-bronze patina with gold highlighting. Condition is excellent. 12.5 inches (32cm) high.

Ref: F1067 . . . £645

'Chilly' by Max Le Verrier
Original 1920's ashtray lady called Frileuse au Tube and measuring approximately 5 inches high (13cm) and with a green patina. Signed under the dish. Good condition with some minor age wear and marks to the patina.

Ref: F1069 . . . £375

Clock Dancer by Lorenzl
Lovely Lorenzl spelter nude dancing with a scarf and holding a clock aloft. She has a gold cold painted enamel finish. She stands on a beige alabaster base with a pen ridge to the front. Condition is very good but she is missing the tip of her back hand little finger. The clock works and is complete with its adjustment key. Total height 15.5 inches (39cm).

Ref: F1072 . . . £595

Lorenzl Striker
This is an unsigned spelter Lorenzl, but this time as a striker (cigarette lighter). Unfortunately she is missing her striker wand, but she is of silvered spelter with peach coloured detail and is 11 inches high (28cm). The base is Portorro Extra and is approximately 6.5 inches wide. Condition is good.

Ref: F2008 . . . £540

Large Art Deco Dancer by Lorenzl
Large Austrian art deco cold painted spelter dancer. An unsigned Lorenzl. She measures 15 inches (38cm) total height including the alabaster base. Condition is very good.

Ref: F1929 . . . £1,195

Rare Chiparus Statue
French spelter art deco unsigned Chiparus statue of lady with a garland. I have never seen another of this figure, it is unsigned but undoubtedly a Chiparus. The lady is kneeling on a pink marble base that measured 12 inches long by 5.25 inches deep and the total height with the base is 9.5 inches (31cm x 13.5cx 24.5cm). Condition is vintage but good with some expected signs of wear to the patina.

Ref: F1899 . . . £895

Large Torchere Holder by Lorenzl
Large art deco cold painted enamel spelter semi nude lady holding a torchere. Unsigned but by Lorenzl. Measures a total height of 19 inches (49cm) including the alabaster base. In excellent condition.

Ref: F1937 . . . £1,195

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