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Small Female Spelter Figures 7

Bird Dancer by Bouraine
This lovely statue was made by the Le Verrier foundry, Paris in the 1930's. She has a green patina and is signed around the metal base - Briand. Briand and Dereene were both pseudonyms used by Marcel Bouraine. She measures approximately 11.5 inches (29cm) high including the black marble base and condition is good although the tail on the bird looks a little short, so she may have lost a bit at some time although you cannot see any break.

Ref: F1132 . . . £395

Danse Paienne by Bouraine
This is the famous Derene disc dancer, Derene being a pseudonym used by Bouraine. She was made at the Le Verrier foundry in Paris during the 1930's and measures approximately 10.25 inches (26cm) high including the black marble base. The metal socle bears the signature. Condition is good with some expected age wear to the patina and a few scratch marks to the metal socle.

Ref: F1149 . . . £540

Pair of Circus Performers
English spelter statues mounted on black bakelite bases each measuring approximately 15.5 inches (39cm) high and has a gilt and blue sprayed finish. Although the quality is not outstanding, neither is the price. Condition is good with no damage.

Ref: F1153 . . . £395 pair

'Liesse' by Le Faguays
An original 1930's Max Le Verrier art metal figure of a nude grape dancer by Pierre Le Faguays and signed in his pseudonym Fayral. Height 11.5 inches (29cm) Condition is very good with some minor patina wear due to age.

Ref: F1455 . . . £765

'Bayadere' by Charles
Theatrical hoop lady, designed by Charles and signed to the base metal. Made of Le Verrier art metal by the Le Verrier foundry, circa 1920's. Her title is Bayadere and she has a dark green patina with some gilt detailing. Base is of portorro marble. She measures 13 inches (33cm) total height. Condition is good but there are some signs of an old repair to the marble base, hence £595

Ref: F1599 . . . £595

Spelter Ball Dancer by Bouraine
French art deco ball dancer figure holding an onyx ball. Green patinated on a black marble base, she measures a total height of 10.5 inches (27cm). Designed by Marcel Bouraine and signed to the base in his pseudonym Briand. In excellent condition.

Ref: F1947 . . . £795

The Bird Dancer by Salvadoro
French art deco spelter female dancer with bird wings. An unsigned piece by Salvadoro. Silvered skin tone with dinanderie to the wings and her skirt. Mounted on a buff diamond shaped marble base. It measures 14 inches long by 6 inches high by 3.75 inches deep to the base (36cm x 15cm x 9.5cm). Condition is vintage and used but good with a little ageing to the skin tone.

Ref: F1955 . . . £495

Disc Dancer by Derenne
Large art deco disc dancer signed Derenne - a pseudonym used by Marcel Bouraine on his non-bronze pieces. It was made in 2 sizes and this is the larger one. Mounted on a marble pyramid base, it measures a total height of 20 inches high by 13.5 inches wide by 5 inches deep (51cm x 33cm x 12.5cm). The base is black marble with white striations. The statue has a silvered patina and was made by the Le Verrier foundry in the 1930's. Condition is vintage and good with just one small chip to the corner of the base and a rub mark to the girls leg on the back.

Ref: F1938 . . . £1,695

Briand Hoop Lady
A French Hoop-Lady signed by Briand, made in the Le Verrier foundry in the 1920's. It is a spelter piece with the usual Le Verrier quality of a bronze. She stands on a black metal flared socle base and measures 12 inches to the top of her hoop. She has a green patina and the condition is good with a few expected age related marks to the finish.

Ref: MF002 . . . £595

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