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Small Female Spelter Figures 8

Lady Ashtray
Spelter 2 dimensional lady sitting on the edge of an alabaster dish. She has a gold patina and measures approximately 5 inches high by 5 wide by 5.5 deep (12.5cm). An unsigned piece. Condition is good with just a few minor edge nicks to the alabaster dish as one would expect.

Ref: F2216 . . . £295

Flapper Dancer
Spelter flapper with a patina of gold, silver and red, mounted on an cream onyx base. She measures 13 inches (33cm) total height. Condition is good but she has undergone re patination work.

Ref: F1480 . . . £695

Pantomime Dancer by Lorenzl
Gold cold painted enamel dancer in a theatrical costume, mounted on an alabaster flared base. Unsigned but definitely a Lorenzl. She stands a total height of approximately 12 inches (31cm). Condition is extremely good.

Ref: F1481 . . . £675

Rare Striker by Dakon
Austrian green patinated spelter dancer striker, wearing beautiful dress with typical Dakon knobbly heeled shoes. It is a striker statue (cigarette lighter) and still retains its original striker wand. Unsigned by by Dakon and made in the early 1930's. It measures a total height of 10 inches (25.5cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F1482 . . . £675

Spelter Flapper Dish
Cute little spelter lady dressed in flapper style with a large brimmed hat and culottes. She measures 7 inches tall and stands on a 6.5 inch dish. She has a silver and gold enamelled patina, the dish is made of onyx and would originally have been an ashtray. But as this piece is immaculate I don't think the ashtray has ever been used as such.

Ref: F560 . . . £395

The Dance by Lorenzl
Small unsigned spelter Lorenzl nude dancer mounted on an onyx pyramid base. It measures 10.75 inches total height (27cm). Condition is vintage but good.

Ref: F1875 . . . £395

Theatrical Dancer by Lorenzl
Large silvered spelter dancer, and unsigned Lorenzl. There is a sister to this piece (see below) and I have her too - ask to see pics of F1837 - they go really well together and the pose is slightly different plus the other one has a gilt finish. This one is mounted on an alabaster base and measures 16.25 inches high (42cm). Condition is good but does have a chip to the base at the back.

Ref: F1836 . . . £745

Theatrical Dancer by Lorenzl
Austrian gilt spelter theatrical dancer, an unsigned Lorenzl. She stands on an alabaster base and with the base measures a total height of 16.5 inches (42cm) to the tip of her fingers. Condition is very good with just a few age related patins marks as one would expect after 80+ years. I also have another similar dancer to this one and the 2 make a nice pair - see above

Ref: F1837 . . . £745

Amazone au Javelot by Fayral
Green patinated Art Metal Diane statue made in the 1930's by the Le Verrier Foundry in Paris. This is the smaller model (I also have the larger version). She measures a total height of 12 inches (31cm), including the metal stepped base which is signed Fayral to one end. Fayral was a pseudonym used by Pierre Le Faguays. Condition is very good with just a few minor patina marks as one would expect.

Ref: F1813 . . . £675

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