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Glass - Decanter and Drinks Sets Page 4

Silver Leaf Decanter Set
Smoked glass with silver leaf fish patterning. Consists of decanter, 5 glasses and tray. Tray measures 14.75 inches by 10.5. Condition is very good with some minor wear to the stopper.

Ref: G530 . . . £295 the set

Blue Glass Decanter Set
French blue leaded glass decanter set, bottle and four glasses. Sits at an angle on faceted glass. Condition is very good.

Ref: G105 . . . £245

Whisky Decanter Set
An original 1930s Czech leaded glass decanter set with ruby red enamelling and measuring a tall 15 inches (38cm) high. Set of 6 matching tumblers, and all in excellent original condition.

Ref: G111 . . . £295

Snow White Decanter Set
Beautifully hand painted snow white and the seven dwarfs glass decanter set. Snow white is painted with birds and grumpy on the decanter. Whilst the 6 glasses each show one of the other dwarfs. Condition is good but unfortunately one of the glasses has a hair line crack. A rare find in Czech art glass, the decanter measures 8.75 inches high (22cm). Tray is not included.

Ref: G293 . . . £245

Fish Decanter Set by Vannes Le Chatel
Rare stunning top quality French glass decanter set with guilt enamel hand painted fishes and coral scene. Bears the original makers label to the top of the stopper. Set consists of Red and chrome tray, decanter and stopper and 6 glasses. Decanter measures 10.25 inches high (27cm) and the tray has a 12 inch diameter (30cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: G294 . . . £595

French Decanter Set
A pretty French seven-piece decanter set with bright red enamelled pheasant, foliage and sunray etching to the leaded glass. A wonderful, heavy, quality 1920s set - complete with all 6 glasses, and in excellent condition.

Ref: M733 . . . £340

Decanter Set
Yellow and black enamel eight piece leaded glass decanter set - unsigned but by Palda. Consists of Decanter bottle and stopper, 6 glasses and a tray. The tray has aluminium edges with wooden scroll handles and central mirrored glass and measures 13.5 inches in diameter (34cm). The decanter measures 10.5 inches high (27cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: G608 . . . £785

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