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French Standard Lamp
French rosewood standard lamp with glass disc detail to the base and chrome tube support bar. Fitted with a hand made silk shade that measures 22 inches in diameter (56cm). The lamp is of very high quality and possibly by Adnet. It measures a total height of 74 inches and 15 inches diameter to the base (188cm x 38cm). Condition is very good. Shade is brand new and with deco design.

Ref: L1532 . . . £1,895

French Art Deco Standard Lamp
French standard lamp in copper banded mahogany with top sabino vaseline glass water fall detail and topped with a chrome uplighter cup with light magnifying glass cabochons around the edge. It measures 67 inches (170cm) high and the top dish has a diameter of 22 inches (56cm). Condition is vintage and used but good. More pics available on request.

Ref: L1994 . . . £1,795

French Art Deco Standard Lamp
French modernist standard lamp in mahogany brass and bronze. The brass uplighter dish supported by a trio of curved arm supports and the base is of 12 sided brass platform. The main mahogany stem is reinforced with inset brass supports. It measures 72 inches (184cm) high. Condition is vintage and used but good. More pics available on request.

Ref: L1995 . . . £1,795

French Lamp Table
Modernist flame walnut 2 tier circular side table with attached standard lamp. The lamp is metal dinanderie and hand painted in zig zag detail. It measures a total height of 64.5 inches to the op of the shade (164cm). The top shelf of the table measures 27 inches high by 18 inches in diameter (69cm x 45cm). Condition is very good as recently renovated, one small barely noticeable dink to the metal uplighter.

Ref: FN1394 . . . £1,595

Huge Butterfly Floor Lamp
This large English art deco butterfly lamp was originally a fire. It has now been converted for use as a lamp. The Butterfly has pink tinted aluminium wings and body and sits on a spelter log base. It would look stunning standing on a fire hearth and give off a nice warm glow. It measures a large 29 inches high by 36 inches wing span (74cm x 92cm). Condition is very good. I believe it was made by the same company that made the Bunting fires but the butterfly is much rarer.

Ref: L2081 . . . £495

Modernist Standard Lamp
French chromed metal and lucite discs floor standing lamp in the style of Adnet. It measures 15 inches diameter to the base (38cm), 16 inches diameter to the chrome cup uplighter (40cm) and the total height is 74 inches (188cm). Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: L1817 . . . £775

Modernist Art Deco Standard Lamp
Floor standing original chrome art deco lamp. The top diameter of the bowl uplighter is 14.5 inches and the total height is 70 inches (37cm x 178cm). Condition is vintage but very good.

Ref: L690 . . . £395

Torchere Standard Lamps
Modern torchere standard lamps with chrome uplighter bowl, lacquered wood and nickel plated and with alternating blue and clear rods. The stem is made of glass rods with internal light bulbs that light the columns up plus there is an uplighter in each chrome bowl. Each lamp measures approximately 72 inches tall to the top of the chrome cup and that has a 23 inch diameter (190cm x 59). More can be ordered on request, but could take up to 3 months.

Ref: L2069 . . . £3,795 pair

Standard Lamp Table
French art deco walnut side table with a standard lamp top. Hand painted glass shade with on/off switch to the top. The base measures 15 inches (38cm) by 12 inches (30cm) and the total height is 63 inches (160cm). In excellent condition and appears to have been rewired.

Ref: FN996 . . . £395

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