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Pierrete Lady Lamp
A French spelter lady lamp wearing a clowns hat and dress, with a green patination. She is sitting on a black marble base measuring 8.5 inches long, 6 deep and it is about 8 inches tall. The lamp is fixed behind the half moon blue glass shade behind her. Condition is good.

Ref: L166 . . . £375

Large Carved Wood Signed Table Lamp
This wonderful hand carved roses table lamp is French and measures 21 inches high (54cm) to the top of the contemporary shade. Made in the early 1930's in France and signed by the artist, H. Femy. Condition is very good. I have a vase in the style of, and very similar to this lamp (M1366).

Ref: L979 . . . £495

Bronze Flame Dancer by Janle
Extremely rare 2-dimensional bronze figure with silvered patina, signed to the base by the French sculptor Janle. The base is a 12 inch by 2.5 inch (31 x 7cm) verdigris marble base and the amber torchere is mounted in a bronze holder. Height is 16 inches (41cm). Condition is good with some age wear to the patina.

Ref: L187 . . . £2,395

Lady Lamp
This lovely cold painted enamel spelter dancing lady lamp is quite rare and I have only seen one other. She is probably English but unsigned. Total height is 22 inches (56cm) to the top of her crackle glaze globe shade. Condition is very good with just a little minor age marking to the patina.

Ref: L747 . . . £745

Bronze Table Lamp
French patinated bronze base with stylised floral motif and opaque glass shade. Unsigned, very good condition. Original bakelite on/off switch, and apparently recently rewired but will require checking by a qualified electrician. Approx. 11 inches high (28cm).

Ref: L736 . . . £275

Modernist Table Lamp by Walff
German bakelite base with ribbed detail and makers original name plate - Sanit and Shaus Walff Duseldorf. The top body section can be moved up or down on the arm. Tee lamp has a red lamp panel and gives off a whacky red glow when lit although this could be changed. The shape of the lamp is very reminiscent of a Zephyr 6 wing mirror. In good original condition.

Ref: L1379 . . . £395

French Desk Lamp
Desney style desk lamp with glass cubed base and chromed metal. It measures a smaller size of 10 inches high by 7.25 inches wide (25cm x 18cm). Condition is vintage and used but good with a few expected age related marks and scratches.

Ref: L1898 . . . £295

Elephant Table Lamp by Moreau
French double spelter elephant lamp. They are each signed H. Moreau to their back ends and are mounted on a portorro marble base. The base measures 10.5 inches by 4 inches and the total height is 7 inches (26.5cm x 10cm x 17.5 cm). Condition is very good but one elephant may have had some tusk repair work.

Ref: L1901 . . . £495

Squirrel Lamp by Font
French art deco bronze patinated spelter squirrel lamp. A signed piece by M. Font. Mounted on a marble base and recently rewired it has a frosted glass globe shade. It measures 9.5inches long by 4 inches deep by 8 inches high to the tips of the squirrels ears (24cm x 10cm x 20cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: L2136 . . . £295

Lumina Lamp by Max Le Verrier
French art deco famous Lumina lamp signed Le Verrier to the base. This statue was made in 4 sizes - the small one was Leuer and she measures 15 inches high (38cm), the next size up was this one - Lumina 27 inches high (68cm), next up was Clarte 33.5 inches high (85CM) and the final one was life size Clarte that was made only in bronze and measures 67 inches high (1.7mtrs). I have one of these life size Clarte's but it is not for sale. This was Max Le Verrier's most famous statue. This Lumina has a green patina and is made of art metal. The base is marble. I have 2 of this same lamp available and they would make a nice pair. In excellent condition.

Ref: L2362 . . . £2,595

Flappers Table Lamp by Leunne
French art deco 3 different flapper ladies night light lamp designed by Helingenstein. The hand painted glass shade sits in a metal holder and has a metal finial top. It measures 8.5 inches high by 4 inches in diameter (22cm x 10cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: L2324 . . . £895

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