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Tiffany Style Lamp
Stunning 'Favrille' table lamp with glass set in a hand made bronze framework with lozenge shapes and dragonfly inspired detailing. The eyes of the dragonflies are coloured glass cabochons, the wings are made of pierced grille laid over glass. Matching base with mosaic and dragonfly design detailing. Although this lamp is of some age, it obviously isn't an original Tiffany as prices exceed £25,000 for this particular lamp now. I believe this lamp was made in the second quarter of the last century. It is beautifully made and of very good quality unlike some of the more recent versions. It is stunning when illuminated. Condition is very good, minor mark to base rim. Approx. height 13.5 inches (34cm), shade width approx. 16 inches (41cm).

Ref: LDS117 . . . £1,995

Tiffany Style Lamp
Another picture of the above listed lamp when lit.

Ref: LDS117

Fish Lamp by Font
French spelter fish lamp signed M. Font. Pink marble base with green glass cup shade and green patinated fish. It measures approx. 11.5 inches high by 9.5 long by 4 deep (29cm x 24cm x 10cm). In good condition with a couple of minor marble nicks to the base.

Ref: L1165 . . . £295

Nymph Lamp
American polished aluminium lady lamp. Green crackle glass shade. A 1970's re-make of a Frankart lamp, it measures 7 inches high by 9 inches wide by 5.25 deep (18cm x 23 x 13). Signed to the back. In very good condition.

Ref: L1255 . . . £395

Dancing Nymph Lamp By Sarsparilla
American aluminium double lady lamp. A 1970's re make of a Frankart lamp, it measures 13 inches to the top of the glass crackle oblong shade by 10.5 inches wide by 5 deep (33cm x 26.5 x 13). In very good condition.

Ref: L1256 . . . £425

Scotty Dog Desk Lamp
Spelter Scotty dog figure by Moreau, mounted on a wood base. A silvered metal shell shade reflects the light down onto the dog and desk. Good original condition. 12 inches total height.

Ref: L1350 . . . £245

Ondine by Le Faguays
This double globe art metal lady lamp is Ondine by Pierre Le Faguays but signed in his pseudonym Fayral. The black marble base measures 15.75 inches long by 4 inches deep and the total height of the lady and base is 13 inches (40cm x 10cm x 33cm). Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: L1771 . . . £1,795

Danseuse by Melani
Original art deco French green patinated spelter lady lamp, an unsigned piece by Melani. Fitted with an original bakelite on/off switch. Mounted on a black marble base that measures 10 inches long by 3.25 inches deep and the total height is 9 inches (25.5cm x 8.5cm x 22.5cm). Condition is good. The glass globe has been painted inside with glass paint which would be easy to remove if required.

Ref: L1900 . . . £495

Modernist Art Deco Table Lamp
Modernist phenolic and chrome asymmetrical table lamp. Cream glass shade. It measures 17.5 inches (44cm) tall. Condition is vintage but very good.

Ref: L2252 . . . £595

Cavacraft Table Lamp
Art Deco modernist chrome and phenolic table lamp with amber stylised floral glass globe. It measures 19 inches high (48cm) high and is in. Excellent condition.

Ref: L2255 . . . £495

L'Oasis by Le Faguays
French art deco green patinated Egyptian themed lady lamp. Her title is L'Oasis and she is by Pierre Le Faguays using his pseudonym Fayral. Le Faguays signed most of his non bronze statues Fayral. She is holding a Daum crackle glass urn shade above her head. Mounted on a portorro marble base. Signed Fayral in the metal base. It measures 8.75 inches deep by 5.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches high (22cm x 14cm x 45.5cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: L2238 . . . £2,295

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