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Lady Lamp by Lorenzl
Austrian spelter lady lamp, an unsigned Lorenzl. Cold painted floral detail to her dress with silver skin tone. She is mounted on an ovular alabaster base. To the bottom of the chrome rod lamp holder is a pink phenolic shagreen disc and to the top is a Czech art glass globe shade. Base measures 8.5 inches by 4 (22cm x 10) and the total height to the top of the shade is 18.25 inches (46cm). Condition is very good with the original patina but there is some signs of repair to some of the fingers of her left hand. Hence £695

Ref: L1484 . . . £695

Unusual Desk Lamp by Eileen Grey
Leather look top and base with aluminium ribbed sides and original on/off switch to the base. Top is adjustable and pivots. Unsigned but designed by Eileen Grey in the early 1930's. Condition is very good. Measures 18 inches high (46cm).

Ref: L1521 . . . £495

Lady Lamp
Pretty spelter lady lamp, she wears a very stylish evening gown. It is an unsigned piece by Lorenzl with a lovely original golden patina and silvered collar and shoes. It measures 13 inches to the tip of the bulbs and is mounted on an onyx base. The base measures 5.5 inches by 3 inches and the condition is very good.

Ref: L259 . . . £595

Egyptian Lady Lamp
Small spelter lady lamp with an alabaster base. Lady has a gilt patina with highlights of brown to her hair. She is holding a glass tube shade. The base measures 7.5 inches (19cm) by 5 inches (13cm) wide and total height is 7.5 inches (19cm). Condition is good with a few age related spots to the patina.

Ref: L1632 . . . £365

The Water Carrier by Pierre Le Faguays
French bronze Egyptian themed Water Carrier lamp - a signed piece by Pierre Le Faguays, signed to marble base. I believe produced by the Etling Foundry, Paris. The base is made of verdigris marble and measures 4.5 inches by 4 inches (11.5cm x 10cm) and total height is 15.5 inches (40cm). Condition is very good, however the rim to the back of her urn is missing some of its thread. It still screws shut but not completely. The bulb sits inside the urn.

Ref: B460 . . . £5,595

Art Deco Lady Lamp by Lorenzl
Austrian cold painted enamelled spelter lady lamp, wearing a pantomime short jacket. Unsigned but undoubtedly a Lorenzl, she is mounted on an alabaster base. The base measures 3.25 inches (8cm) high and the total height of the lamp to the top of glass globe shade is 18.5 inches (47cm). Condition is vintage and used but good with some ageing to the patina as one would expect. The base has a small chip to the back which is barely visible.

Ref: L2108 . . . £595

Ric Table Lamp
This French art deco spelter dog table lamp is modelled as RIC the terrier. RIC was one of the naughty terriers created by Pol Rab in his 1920s/30s comical cartoon series titled - RIC and Rac. Mounted on a marble base that measures 8.25 inches long by 3.5 inches deep by a total height of 6 inches (21cm x 9cm x 15cm). Condition is very good and it appears to have been rewired. The shade is made of frosted glass.

Ref: L2110 . . . £395

Espana by Le Faguays
Egyptian themed art cast metal statuary lamp with a green and gold patina and made by the Le Verrier foundry. Signed to the base Guerbe, Raymond Guerbe was the wife of Pierre Le Faguays. She is holding a red glass fan shade, this same statue was also made as a statue holding two onyx balls (I have one of these for sale on my website). Mounted on a marble base she measures 13.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep to the base and a total height of 19.5 inches (34cm x 11.5cm x 50cm). In excellent condition.

Ref: L2315 . . . £2,995

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