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Beautiful Bronze Pheasant Lamp
On a lovely creamy beige marble base. The bird is bronze and the lampshade is an unusual brown and beige mottled effect. Excellent condition.

Ref: L60 . . . £425

Harem Dancer Lamp
A spelter and ivorine dancer with coloured body and fan hat dancing in front of a 3 sectional pink mottled glass fan shade. Condition is good but not sure if the right hand hasn't been replaced at some time. Measures 12 inches (30cm) high and 6.5 inches (16cm) wide at the base.

Ref: L153 . . . £525

Classical Lady Lamp by Hettier and Vincent
A wonderful French press moulded and etched glass lamp, depicting a beautiful classical lady figure holding up a garland of flowers. It measures a total of 11.5 inches high and is mounted in a metal base which holds the bulb. The base measures 6 inches long and 3 inches deep. This lamp looks exquisite when lit as the light is cast through the glass panel highlighting the lady. Signed Hettier and Vincent to the glass panel. A very good quality lamp in excellent condition.

Ref: L402 . . . £1,695

Classical Lady Lamp by Hettier and Vincent
A picture showing the above listed lamp when lit.

Ref: L402

L'Oasis by Pierre Le Faguays
Egyptian spelter lady lamp designed by Pierre Le Faguays and signed in his pseudonym Fayral. She has a green-bronze patina, mounted on a marble base and is holding a pink glass urn shade over her head. Base measures 8 inches by 4 inches (20cm x 10cm). The total height to the top of her fingers is 15.5 inches (39cm). In excellent condition.

Ref: L1666 . . . £2,295

Panther Lamp
French table lamp with a silvered 2 dimensional metal leaping panther next to a white glass globe shade. The base is made of marble and measures 11 inches by 4.25 inches and the total height to the panthers head is 7 inches (28cm x 10.5cm x 18cm). Condition is very good but it still retains its original 2 core wiring and on/off switch so may need a rewire and must be checked by an electrician.

Ref: L1700 . . . £395

Bunting Fire Lamp
English yacht fire, titled Bunting to the back. It has now been converted to a lamp and has a 12 inch tall light bulb in the centre in place of the original heater element. Rewired to modern day standards. It measures 23 inches wide by approx. 30 high. Cream enamel hull with good original chrome work. Looks great in a fireplace.

Ref: M3172 . . . £475

Lorenzl Lady Lamp
Austrian bronze patinated spelter dancing lady lamp. An unsigned Lorenzl. She is mounted on an alabaster top hat base. It measures 22.5 inches total height to the top of her torchere glass shade (57cm). Condition is very good but the glass shade has a very small round hole in it which is barely noticeable.

Ref: L1835 . . . £995

Rare Myott Goldscheider Lamp
This very rare ceramic lamp was made between 1940-1942 by Goldscheider in conjunction with Myott when Goldscheider fled Austria and worked with Myott. It is marked in both names to the base and it measures 19 inches (49cm) high to the top of the fabric shade. Condition is very good. Rewired.

Ref: CH204 . . . £595

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