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French Art Deco Wall Lights
Set of 3 silvered bronze wall lights with matching stylised floral tulip shades. Mounted on a bronze back plate with stylised deco patterning. I would assume that these lamps can be mounted either way (up or down facing). Each measures 9.5 inches (24cm) high, 11 inches (28cm) wide and 5 inches (13cm) deep. Priced at either £595 the pair or £865 for the set of three.
This picture shows the set of 3 wall lights.

Ref: L1999 . . . £595 to £865

French Art Deco Wall Lights
This photo showing a closer view of one of the set of 3 wall lights shown above.

Ref: L1999 . . . £595 to £865

Bird Wall lights
Rare stylised green patinated spelter pelican wall lights - unsigned but definitely in the style of Guerbe or Le Verrier. They each measure 13.5 inches long (35cm). Condition is vintage and used but good. They are wired with a silk covered flex and with new cord grip bulb holders and plain white shades. I assume the flex can be extended or reduced to suit.

Ref: L1970 . . . £795 the pair

Art Deco Wall Light
French Sabino vaseline glass wall light with gilt metal base by Elzan. It measures 12 inches high by 8.5 inches wide (30cm x 21.5cm). In very good condition.

Ref: L2007 . . . £295

Corner Wall Lights by Ezan
French art deco chromed corner wall lights with waterfall icicle glass detail and lower frosted glass panel. Made by the Ezan company but unmarked. They each measure 10 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep by 4.75 inches high (25.5cm x 9cm x 12cm). In good vintage used condition. I have two pairs of these available. Very rate to find corner wall lights.

Ref: L1925 . . . £495 a pair

Pair of Chrome and Glass Wall Lights
A pair of genuine French chromed metal wall uplighters, each with a pair of semicircular, part frosted, part clear, glass rings. Each lamp having a single large bayonet bulb holder. Very easy fitting - can be screwed to the wall or just hung on existing screws in the wall. They each measure 13.5 inches (34cm) wide, 6.75 inches (17cm) deep (from the wall) and 5.5 inches (14cm) high. Excellent condition as recently rechromed.

Ref: L2005 . . . £495 pair

Large Fer Forge Wall Light
A French art deco fer forge (wrought iron) wall light. A top quality geometric architectural piece by a top artist but unsigned. Possibly Paul Kiss. Frosted press folded shade with zigzag detail slotted into a chunky wrought iron tapped frame holder. It measures 17 inches high by 12 inches wide and protrudes from the wall by 5.5 inches (43cm x 30cm x 14cm). Condition is very good and it is fitted with a single large screw in bulb holder.

Ref: L2157 . . . £495

Art Deco Fan Wall Lights
Pair of chromed metal frames with frosted glass fan shades with a tint of amber at the top and down to plain white frosting. The press moulded glass has fan detailing and grape or floral detail. They each measure 11.5 inches high by 10.5 inches wide and protrude from the wall by 4.5 inches (29.5cm x 27cm x 11cm). Condition is vintage and used but good. More pics available on request, including showing when lit.

Ref: L2160 . . . £495 the pair

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