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Shop Mannequin
Life size plaster shop mannequin, half body, made in Belgium and stamped to her waist. In excellent original condition with just a few minor marks. Measures 29 inches (74cm) high. Clothes not included in sale price, but available as extras.

Ref: M1406 . . . £295

Shop Mannequin
Vintage half torso mannequin, very deco in style but made in 1984. Signed to the base Derek Ryman and dated. Made of resin, she measures 25.5 inches high (65cm). The black skin tone patina is painted on a resin body. Condition is vintage and used but good with a few expected age related scuffs and marks and a few paint specks here and there.

Ref: M3156 . . . £595

Dior Mannequin
An original Dior mannequin in fibreglass, since repainted in a bronze finish. Various marks to the patina. Would benefit from a repaint, otherwise good condition. She measures approx. 19 inches (49cm) high.

Ref: M3355 . . . £495

Vintage Plaster Bust
From the art deco period, this vintage plaster bust measures approximately 18 inches (46cm) tall. In very good used condition. Wig and headband not included.

Ref: M3457 . . . £795

Plaster Mannequin
Vintage plaster mannequin with glass eyes and hair eyelashes from Germany. She measures a total height of 17 inches (43cm). Condition is good but there is some patching to her skin tone where she has had some touching in over the years. Please note: this mannequin has no hair and does not come with the hat.

Ref: M4032 . . . £795

Display Stand
A sculptured hand display stand - the base being wood and the arm and hand possibly resin. Ideal for bangles to the arm, rings to the fingers and necklaces between the fingers. Measures approximately 25 inches (63cm) high and in good condition.

Ref: M4009 . . . £165

Vintage Shop Mannequin
Original 1930's rubberised shop mannequin bust. There is a signature to the front - Jacoll Hat. It measures 13.5 inches (34cm) high. In good vintage used condition. Currently seen wearing a turban that does not come with the mannequin. Email me for more pics without her hat on.

Ref: M3018 . . . £595

Avro Corsetry Mannequin
Aluminium bodied mannequin on a metal stand. I believe Avro were a maker of corsets and it is signed to the chest Avro Corsetry. She measures 39 inches (100cm) tall on its stand. Condition is vintage and used but good with a small split to the shoulder strap that holds the body on and the stand has been re enforced to the base with a metal bar hidden underneath the body of the mannequin.

Ref: M4270 . . . £565

Shop Mannequin - Leacrill
French shop mannequin with advertising transfer to her neck which reads Leacrill. She is made of an impregnated card type of material and I would suggest dates to the 1940s-1950s. Beautifully hand painted eye detail which is original but she has probably had some repainting to he skin tone over the years. Condition is good with some crazing to the facial patina. She comes without the hair and the cloche hat so you would need to dress her yourself. An affordable vintage mannequin for just £245

Ref: M4324 . . . £245

Ted by Lindsey B
Tedd the cricket player, made by Lindsey B in the early 1980's. Indistinctly signed to the back and measuring 16.5 inches (40cm) tall (including the metal spun base). Condition is vintage and used but good with just a few minor age related scuffs to the brim of his cap.

Ref: M5185 . . . £295

Peking Bust by Lindsey B
A plaster bust called Peking, measuring 12 inches (30cm), white with black hand painted lip detail. Signed to the reverse and in very good original condition with just a couple of tiny marks. Comes with its original box. Condition is good but the box is a bit tatty.

Ref: M4115 . . . £295

Check-out Mirror from the Biba Store
Large original art deco mirror which was used over the check out tills in the Biba store in South Kensington - circa 1969. Recently hired out for the production of the film Bohemian rhapsody. I have several Biba items - including mannequins, a winged wall light, chairs from the shoe shop, Diver lady table, posters, tins and much more. The central front panel measures 24 inches wide by 28.5 inches high (61cm x 72cm). The Odillon hinged winged side panels which also hid the till each measure 17.5 inches wide by 23 inches high (44cm x 58.5cm). Condition is good however we have had to replace a part of the glass which was damaged during the filming.

Ref: M5467 . . . £1,195

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