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Wall Plaques

A selection of wall masks and pockets, mainly in ceramics, but also including terracotta, plaster and metal.

During the deco period there was a huge following for wall ornaments many modelled on Hollywood movie stars of the period, cartoon characters and famous themes of the period. Although many masks were made in the UK during the period, for instance Cope and Company probably produced most of the English masks, along with Beswick, Clarice Cliff, Crown Devon, whilst Leonardi (Leonardine) produced most of the best quality plaster pieces. Czechoslovakia and Austria both produced many high quality masks, some designed by deco sculptors such as Lorenzl, Dakon, Goebel, Royal Dux and Goldscheider. Another less known source of quality masks was the Belgian artist and sculptor Domien Ingles, who produced a range of quality terracotta masks, who's company also produced crackeliers during this period. In my opinion, these masks epitomise the deco period and are therefore essential to creating the art deco interior.

'Diane aux Fougeres' Wall Mirror
Stunning contemporary wall mirror with wooden frame and lower panel depicting Diane the huntress with dog and deer standing amidst ferns. The Diane plaque is made of gesso with silver and gold leaf finish. The original of this plaque was made in 1929 for the Paris Exhibition by Celine Lepage its title is Diane aux Fougeres (Diane with the ferns). I have had it recreated as it is impossible to find an original one. The frame measures 31 inches by 17 (69cm x 43) and is made of dark wood with a mirror backing. Condition is excellent. Email me for closer pics.

Ref: MR144 . . . £695

S.A.D.E. Wall Plaque
I have recently commissioned an extremely talented artist, to create this large deco plaque, similar to the original design by Marcel Bouraine for the 1925 Paris Exposition des Arts Decoratifs. This wall plaque is made of gesso and applied with either gold leaf or silver leaf. They are professionally framed and mounted in a black satin finish stepped wood frame. It measures nearly 30 inches square (75cm). I have used the original design on my website and company stationery for some time now and have therefore named her Sade - an abbreviation of Sheryl's Art Deco Emporium. I presently have one of each version (gold and silver leaf), but I am hoping to produce a terracotta version later.
I have taken more photographs of these plaques and have made a special page to view them here, but the pictures are larger than normal and so may take some time to open. Email me for more information. These plaques are large and quite heavy (10.5 kg) and would need to be collected, personally or by a shipping agent, as they are too fragile and heavy to post.

Ref: Plq1050 . . . £795 each

View more pics here

S.A.D.E. Wall Plaque
The limited edition gold leaf version of the above listed plaque. Same size and details.

Ref: Plq1051 . . . £795

Czech Wall Mask
This amazing 10 inch wall mask is a rare Czechoslovakian mask, beautifully hand painted in vivid deco colours, and numbered to the reverse, along with the Czechoslovakia mark. In excellent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs.

Ref: Plq546 . . . £345

Wall Chargers by Clarice Cliff
Basket of flowers, mushroom glaze wall plates by Clarice Cliff and each measuring approx 10 inches in diameter and made to be hung on a wall. Both in very good condition and signed to the back Clarice Cliff, Newport Potts.

Ref: Plq5 & Plq537 . . . £160 each

Terracotta Wall Mask
Smaller 6 inch (15cm) eyeless terracotta mask with Goldscheider type curls in green probably designed by Karl Grossl. Condition is very good.

Ref: Plq689 . . . £395

Large Wall Mask by Goldscheider
Lovely fine ceramic mask made by Goldscheider, Everlast Corp., USA, this was when Goldscheider fled the German occupation in 1939. Stamped to the reverse Goldscheider, USA, she measures a huge 11 inches (28cm) high and is in very good condition.

Ref: Plq1025 . . . £595

Crown Devon Dutch Girl Plaque
This is one of the 'Countries of the World' series produced in England by Crown Devon, of which I also have the matching Swiss Boy and French Girl. This one measures approx. 10.5 inches high (27cm) and is marked to the reverse. Excellent condition.

Ref: Plq1026 . . . £295

Ceramic Deer Plaque by Goldscheider
Lovely white and blue ceramic wall plaque made in the the 1920's in Vienna by Goldscheider. To the back are model numbers 8038 and 7 and the Goldscheider Wien made in Austria stamps. It measures approx 13 inches by 11 inches (33cm x 28). Condition is very good.

Ref: Plq1089 . . . £195

Screamer Mask by Dux
This is the medium sized Royal Dux ceramic screamer mask. She measures approx. 9 inches (23cm) high. Marked in the back hole Czechoslovakia and number 14835 to the back. Condition is very good with a few age cracks to the glaze surface as one would expect.

Ref: Plq1167 . . . £695

Screamer Mask by Dux
This is the medium sized Royal Dux ceramic screamer mask. She measures approx. 9 inches (23cm) high. Marked in the back hole Royal Dux and number 14835 to the back. Condition is very good with a few age cracks to the glaze surface as one would expect.

Ref: Plq1168 . . . £695

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