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Wall Plaques Page 25

Large Cope & Co Mask
Lovely hand painted ceramic wall mask, stamped to the reverse Cope and Co, England and numbered 21. Condition is very good other than an underglaze mark to her cheek. 7 inches (18cm) tall.

Ref: Plq1077 . . . £120

Flower Lady Wall Mask by Dux
Fine ceramic wall mask made in Czechoslovakia by Royal Dux, stamped to the reverse. Very good condition. 7.5 inches (19cm) high.

Ref: Plq1078 . . . £365

Goldscheider/Myott Wall Mask
Fine ceramic Venetian style wall mask made in the early 1940's when Goldscheider fled Vienna to England, where he worked in conjunction with Myott and Co. of Staffordshire. Originally designed by Rudolf Knorlein in 1933. She is unmarked but there is an impressed number. She measures approx. 8 inches (20cm) high and is in excellent condition. Can be seen in the Filip Goldscheider book, page 125.

Ref: Plq1082 . . . £345

1930's Goldscheider Mask
Austrian terracotta mask measuring 6.5 inches (16cm) high, made in 1934 and marked to the reverse model number 6871, Goldscheider, Wien. Made in Austria. Retains its original label to her scarf. Very good condition.

Ref: Plq1085 . . . £640

Wall Pocket
Classical ceramic lady wall pocket measuring 6.5 inches (16cm) tall and marked to the reverse, Japan. Condition is good but there is an old crack to one side of her cheek, which is barely visible unless pointed out.

Ref: PLQ1127 . . . £75

Large Wall Mask by Goldscheider
This huge ceramic mask measures approx. 12 inches (30cm) high and has a matt terracotta glaze face and is marked Goldscheider, Wien model number 7784 to the reverse. It also still bears the original retailers label for Kristallecke Stuttgart. Condition is very good. Designed in 1937 by Adolf Prischl. Can be viewed in the Filip Goldscheider book page 470.

Ref: PLQ1128 . . . £845

Terracotta Mask by Goldscheider
Fabulous hand painted and finished mask, measuring 12 inches (31cm) high. Made in the early 1930's and distributed just after the German occupation of the company in the late 1930's. The mask is stamped Goldscheider Wien and made in Germany - it is this 2nd stamp which dates it to after German occupation of the company. Model number was 8419 but this has been inked over and another number added 3032 - this is possibly the re number added by the Nazis when they took over the company? She is beautifully painted and has unusual hair with the applied typical Goldscheider sausage curls to the back of her head. Condition is excellent and she still bears the original Goldscheider Wien paper sticker to the edge of her scarf.

Ref: Plq1208 . . . £745

Wall Mask by Dakon
Austrian ceramic high glaze wall mask. Designed by Set designed by Stephan Dakon for the Royal Belvedere company of Vienna, marked to the back. It measures 10.5 inches (26cm) high. Condition is vintage but very good.

Ref: Plq1209 . . . £395

Reproduction Wall Mask
A plaster wall mask - a copy of a mask by Cope and Co., but reproduced in the 1970s and hand painted. In very good original condition.

Ref: bmask2 . . . £30

Huge Eva Wall Mask by Goldscheider
Designed in 1933 by Rudolf Knoerlein and made by Goldscheider this large art deco mask is called Eva. Named as Eve holding the apple from Adam and Eve. She is marked Goldscheider Made in Austria to the back. She measures 13.5 inches high by 7 inches wide (34cm x 17.5cm). A similar mask can be seen in the Fillip Goldscheider book on page 440. Condition is very good. Email me for mere pics quoting the ref number.

Ref: Plq1301 . . . Reserved

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