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Wall Plaques Page 26

Terracotta Mask by Keramia
Lovely matt skin with high glaze hair, holding an urn wall pocket. Very good condition. 9.5 inches (24cm) high.

Ref: Plq1104 . . . £345

Mask by Prischl
Wonderful Goldscheider style mask produced by Adolf Prischl, who worked for Goldscheider. Chocolate matt brown face with typical Goldy ringlets, marked to reverse with model number 101. Made in the 1940's and in excellent condition. Measures 10.5 inches high (27cm).

Ref: Plq1105 . . . £650

Keramia Mask by Dakon
This stunning mask was designed by Stephan Dakon in the 1930's for Keramia and it bears the stamp on the reverse. Very good condition with just 2 tiny flea chips to rim of her hat. Measures 8 inches (20cm) high.

Ref: Plq1108 . . . £765

Goldscheider Wall Mask
Designed by Adolf Prischl and made in 1933, a pretty terracotta wall mask with black skin tone, silver hair and turquoise collar. She measures 11 inches tall (28cm) and is marked Goldscheider, Wien, Germany. Condition is very good with just a tiny mark to one eyebrow and one eyelid which may be a chip, although underglaze. See the Filip Goldscheider book page 463.

Ref: PLQ1129 . . . £785

Goldscheider Mask
Wonderful 1930's Austrian terracotta wall mask, made by Goldscheider and bearing the Wien mark to the back. Impressed model number is 6859 and she measures 10.25 inches (27cm) tall. Condition is good but does have a chip on the neck to the side behind the flower and 3 small hari curl chips and an original firing crack to one curl.

Ref: PLQ1130 . . . £775

Czech Wall Mask
Beautiful Czech hand painted ceramic wall mask. Measures 8.5 inches tall (21.5cm) and is marked Made in Czechoslovakia to the back. In excellent condition.

Ref: Plq1165 . . . £275

Wall Mask by Podany
Flapper wall mask by Rudolf Podany, who I believe also did some designs for Goldscheider. Podany worked during the early 1930's producing wall masks a figures for his own company - Keramos Wiener Kinsteramik und porzelanmanufakter where he was a partner. In my opinion the Podany masks are some of the best masks produced in the deco years along with the 1930's Goldscheider masks. This flapper lady has ginger hair, ruby red lips and a navy diamond shaped earring. She measures 7.5 inches (19cm) high. It has various pencil marks to the back but the Podany mark is no longer visible. Condition is very good.

Ref: Plq1211 . . . £765

Large Wall Mask by Beswick
English ceramic wall mask, unsigned but made by Beswick. It measures a large 11 inches (28cm) high and is in good vintage condition.

Ref: Plq1212 . . . £365

English Wall Mask by Jon Douglas
Plaster wall mask, made in the early 1930's by the English artist - Jon Douglas and signed to the back. She is hollow inside and a similar mask was also produced looking in the opposite direction by Leonardi. It is hard to know who copied who and whether the Leonardene company produced her first, It is also marked to the back - made in England and a copyright number 3376. It measures 10 inches high (25.5cm) high and is in very good condition.

Ref: Plq107 . . . £200

Marlena Mask
Ceramic hand painted wall mask designed by Clarice Cliff and known as Marlena. This model is usually marked Hanley Ware but this particular plaque bears and original label to the reverse - Crown Dresden Ware. She measures 6.25 inches high (16cm). In very good condition.

Ref: Plq1242 . . . £295

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