Art Deco Wall Plaques
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Wall Plaques 3

Plaster Wall Mask
An original 1920's plaster wall mask measuring 7.5 inches high and beautifully hand painted. In very good, undamaged condition.

Ref: Plq558 . . . £165

Royal Belvedere Wall Mask by Dakon
This stunning, large ceramic mask was made by Royal Belvedere and is stamped in the rear. It is a very rare mask designed and signed by Dakon who was a top bronze statuary artist and whos items are highly sought after. This large mask measures 11 inches high and is signed Dakon on the edge of her scarf. This mask is of exceptional quality and condition is immaculate.

Ref: Plq561 . . . £750

Large English Plaster Masks
A pair of large English plaster masks, artist unknown, but possibly by Douglas or Collins, measuring 11 and 12 inches high. Condition is good but both have a few minor age chips.

Ref: Plq506 & Plq505 . . . £140 each

Beswick Pheasants
Not a full set, as I believe there should be 3. The smaller one has undergone restoration on its tail at some time. They are marked and numbered on the back, and the largest one is 12 inches across.

Ref: PLQ79 . . . £95

Royal Belvedere Wall Mask by Dakon
This is another stunning quality Austrian wall mask, very similar to Plq561, and although unsigned is attributed to Dakon who designed many wall masks for Royal Belvedere Studios. She is a large mask measuring 10.5 inches (26cm) high, and in excellent condition. To compare this with the signed Dakon mask ask to see pics of Plq561 - they make a wonderful pair.

Ref: Plq567 . . . £695

Bing Crosby by Royal Dux
Another lovely Czech Royal Dux mask of Bing Crosby, this one stamped with the Czech name and numbered. Condition is very good with no chips or cracks or restoration. 7.5 inches high (19cm)

Ref: Plq568 . . . £295

Czech Wall Mask
A pretty ceramic lady's head with orange hat, numbered and marked 'Import' to the back. Measures 7 inches high (18cm) and in excellent condition, with just 2 tiny pin head enamel chips to the brim of her hat.

Ref: Plq569 . . . £295

Modernist Wall Mask by Lindsey B
Brian - a male resin wall mask made in 1986 by Lindsey B (Mannequin designer). You can find out more about the artist on on info on artists page. These were made to go in opticians shop windows. There is a channel to the back, ridge to the nose and high cheek bones in order to support glasses frames. He measures approx. 12 inches high and is signed and dated to the back. In good original condition. The female version Brunhild is now SOLD.

Ref: Plq1218 . . . £145

Wall Mask by Karl Grossl
Stoneware glazed lady wall mask, designed by Karl Grossl in 1934 for the Keramia company. A similar mask can be viewed in the Wandmasken book on page 171. Grossl was a freelance designer who worked for Goldscheider, Keramos, Keramia and other companies. This mask measures 10.5 inches high (26.5cm) and is stamped model number - 1313. Condition is very good with no damage or repairs.

Ref: Plq1296 . . . Reserved

Rare Bust by Karl Grossl
Extremely rare art deco bust by Karl Grossl, who was a freelance artist who worked for Goldscheider,hence the sausages curls. Stamped to the base Made in Czechoslovakia and model number is 1090. She measures 9 inches high by 4 inches deep by 6 inches wide (23cm x 10cm x 15cm). Condition is good but there is a possible old firing mark across her wrist which is barely visible and does not go underneath.

Ref: OF221 . . . £795

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