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Wall Plaques Page 6

'Eva' Goldscheider Wall Pocket
A fine china floral lady wall pocket, designed by Rudolf Korlein in 1933, marked Goldscheider, with Myott to the back. I believe Myott produced these pieces for Goldscheider in the UK. This pocket measures 7.5 inches (20cm), and is beautifully and delicately hand painted in fine detail. Condition is excellent.

Ref: PLQ104 . . . £375

Burleighware Charger
Large Burleighware galleon wall charger, measuring approx 15 inches in diameter (38cm), and in good condition, but may possibly have had some restoration. Priced accordingly at £80

Ref: Plq18 . . . £80

Wall Plaques
PLQ 502 - A hand painted 7 inch china lady head in a brown hat. I am not sure of the age of this piece, although it has some age crazing to the glaze, so I have priced it accordingly. £95.
PLQ501 Is a signed Cope and Company hand painted lady's head, wearing a pink bonnet and measures approx. 7 inches high and made of fine china. The condition is good but there is a small crack under the hanging hole on the back, hence she is realistically priced at £95.

Ref: Plq502 & Plq501 . . . £95 each

Terracotta Wall Mask
I love this wall mask. It was made of clay in the late 1920’s and has a very Goldscheider feel about it with its sausage curls and cut out eyes. It measures approx. 7.5 inches (19cm) high to the top of her hat. There is a signature to the base, and although not very readable, I believe it is A. Palard. Condition is very good with a small patch to the glaze on one curl and the back of her hat and the tip of her nose. Quite a rare wall mask I believe, and of exceptional quality.

Ref: Plq508 . . . £280

Wall Mask by B. Collins
An English plaster wall mask, a signed piece by B. Collins, who's work is very similar to Jon Douglas. She measures 11 inches high and is signed under the collar. Condition is very good and original, but has 2 red marks at the end of her collar which were probably chips from the original firing, hence £165

Ref: Plq109 . . . £165

Lady Wall Masks
Plq111 is the large black hated lady on the left. She is marked Erphila, Czechoslovakia, and made of a good quality china. She measures approx 9 inches long and the condition is pretty good but there is a small chip on the rim of her hat. £280.
Plq 112 is a signed Cope & Co mask measuring 7 inches long and in good condition. SOLD

Ref: Plq111 . . . £280

Google Eyes Mask
An extremely rare mask - for many reasons, the colourway, the rose in her hat and, although she is undoubtedly by Royal Dux, she is stamped made in Germany. This would date her to 1938 and although by Dux and therefore Czech, she would have been stamped made in Germany because of the German occupation of Czechoslovakia. She measures over 8 inches (20cm) high and bears the Royal Dux model numbers 15493. Condition is excellent.

Ref: Plq1011 . . . £495

Terracotta Mask by Keramia
Lovely 1920’s wall mask by Keramia and designed by Karl Grossl and stamped to the reverse. She measures approx. 10 inches high and is in excellent condition.

Ref: Plq1012 . . . £440

Goebel Wall Plaque
Lovely 1950's German ceramic wall plaque. Goebel marking to rear and dated 1956, Hol210. Condition is very good. Approx. size 5.5 inches (14cm)

Ref: CD207 . . . £85

Goldscheider Wall Pocket Mask
Titled 'Eva' this wonderful ceramic mask measures 7.25 inches high (18cm) and is marked to the back - Made in England by Goldscheider with Myott & Sons, Staffs. Designed in 1933 by Rudolf Knorlein and can be found in the Goldscheider book by Filip Goldscheider, page 125. Myott worked in collaboration with Goldscheider during the 1940's. Condition is excellent.

Ref: Plq690 . . . £375

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