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Wall Plaques Page 8

Rare Goebel Wall Mask
A rare china wall mask with the Goebel mark on the back. This medieval man measures approx. 7 inches high and is marked FX18 on the back. The condition is good but there are two chips to the back top edge, some age crazing and paint loss to the eye. But still a very desirable and rare piece.

Ref: Plq100 . . . £180

Metal Miniature Wall Masks - From Germany
Plq94: is the tapped pewter girl in the beret and she measures 6 inches high and the condition is good.
Plq 101: Screamer wall mask in a very Hagenuer style.
Plq 102: is the other lady mask, which is 4.5 inches high and marked Handarbelt. The condition of them all is good and they are £58 each.

Ref: Plq94/Plq101/Plq102 . . . £58

Huge Goldscheider Wall Mask
This fine quality ceramic mask is called Madonna and was designed by Adolf Prischl in 1936, made in Vienna and measuring a huge 13 inches (32cm) high. Featured in the Filip Goldscheider book, page 475. She is beautifully hand made and painted and the condition is very good, with just 3 minor scuff chips and some age crazing to the glaze, which is not unusual.

Ref: Plq972 . . . £895

Rare Terracotta Plaque by Goebel-Bieber
Extremely rare terracotta nude wall plaque made during the 1930s and measuring 7.5 inches by 5 inches (19x13cm) and stamped to the reverse Goebel-bieber, made in Germany. It has been beautifully hand painted in wonderful colours of orange, blue, yellow and browns. Condition is very good with just one slither chip to the back edge, possibly there from new. Goebel-Bieber was an Austrian company formed by Kurt Goebel and Erna Biebel during the 1930s in Vienna.

Ref: Plq973 . . . £565

Classical Mask
Glazed terracotta wall mask, made in Germany, but no makers marks. Approx. 5 inches tall and in good condition, a very classical style mask - unusual for the period.

Ref: Plq974 . . . £75

German Wall Mask
Hand painted German terracotta wall mask. Marked to the back Made in Germany foreign and has a makers signature but I cannot read it. It measures 8.5 inches high (22cm). in good vintage used condition.

Ref:Plq1280 . . . £465

Large Wall Mask by Goldscheider
Hand painted terracotta wall mask made by Goldscheider in 1932/33 . Designed by Rudolf Knorlein. A similar one can be seen in the Pinhas book on page 165 and in the Phillip Goldscheider book model number is 6660. She measures 13 inches high (33cm) and is marked to the back Goldscheider Wien. This dates it to being made in 1937 and still in stock when the Nazis took over the company and then stamped it made in Germany. Condition is excellent.

Ref:Plq1281 . . . £895

Wall Mask by Goldscheider
Designed by Adolf Prischl in 1937 and produced by the Goldscheider company. Model number 8041/3 is stamped to the back along with Goldscheider Wien and made in Germany. So produced in the 1930s and remained unsold in the factory when the Nazis took over and stamped it Made in Germany. Hand painted in matt and high gloss finish. Similar ones can be viewed in the Filipp Goldscheider book on page 481 and in the Pinhas book on page 171. Condition is good with just a little wear to her nose.

Ref:Plq1282 . . . £795

Screamer Wall Mask by Royal Dux
Art Deco ceramic screamer wall mask. Marked to the back Czechoslavakia, made by Royal Dux. It measures 8.75 inches high (22cm). Condition is vintage but very good.

Ref: PLQ1333 . . . £695

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