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Vintage Biba selection
Circa 1969 original Biba items, a dedicated mask jar (no lid) with the lady and sunray silhouette, translucent gold dust loose powder with powder, oil bottle and gift tag. These are all in as new condition and unused, the bottles have never been filled and have no lids. The powder is as new and unopened, the gift card is unused. A job lot for the dressing table.

Ref: M5475 . . . £165

Biba Bottles
Two pieces of original 1969 Biba Jars. Made to hold Oil Bleach Neutral. They each measure 5 inches high(12.5cm). Condition is good however the original Biba gold logos on the bottles has faded due to use and age.

Ref: M5504 . . . £95 the pair

Mens Cologne - Biba
Vintage 1969 mens Biba scent bottle. To the front panel is a deco running man Biba logo. It still retains its original cologne inside. Measures approx 4.5 inches high (11.5cm) and it is 108ml size. In good condition. I have lots of other Biba items for sale including mannequins, make up, shop signs, chairs etc.

Ref: M5480 . . . £145

Deer Kitchen Canisters from Biba
Circa 1969 Biba art deco three tin leaping deer kitchen canisters. I have several of the tinware leaping deer items for sale, several trays, and a large bread bin. These canisters each measure 4.5 inches high with a 4.5 inch diameter (11.5cm). Condition is good but obviously nearly 50 years old so some minor signs of use with a few dinks and marks.

Ref: M5482 . . . £220 the set of 3

Biba Deer Tray
Vintage 1960s metal art deco leaping deer tray. Made for the Biba store in Kensington by Elite Trays, it still bears the makers label and is stamped Biba to the underside. It measures 16 inches by 12.5 inches (41cm x 32cm). I have several of these trays for sale but have to say this one is in extremely good vintage condition. I also have the same pattern on a set of Biba tins and a bread bin.

Ref: M5520 . . . £135

Childs Mushroom Stool from The Biba Store
Circa 1969 an original fibre glass mushroom stool which came from the children’s department in the big Biba store in Kensington. Originally there would been a table to go with the stools but sadly most are now gone or destroyed. This stool measures 18 inches high with a 16 inch diameter (46cm x 40cm). Condition is vintage and used and it is coming up to nearly 50 years old now so there are signs of use and fading to the paint.

Ref: M5484 . . . £295

Bar Tender Cigarette Box by Sudre
French Art Deco bartender cigarette box by Sudre but unsigned. The top of the bar slides sideways and cigarettes pop up. It measures approx. 5 inches wide and 6 inches high (12.5cm x 15cm). Condition is vintage and used but very good.

Ref: M5499 . . . £795

American Bellhop Jigger Puppet
Rare hand carved and painted art deco bellhop puppet. These were called Jigger puppets and there is a hole in the back where a wooden bowl would have fitted in to jig it around and make him dance. It measures 11.5 inches high (29cm). I have never seen another in such good condition. He looks great sitting on a shelf with his legs crossed.

Ref: M5500 . . . £265

Folies Bergere Programme
Original French Art Deco Folies Bergere theatre programme. Circa 1920s - the cover is a design by Maurice Picaud (PICO) of Josephine Baker. It measures 7 inches high by 5.25 inches wide (17.5cm x 13cm). This programme was made in 2 sizes - I also have the larger one. This one is the best condition which is very good.

Ref: M5501 . . . £98

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