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Large Bulldog Brooch by Pavone
French hand painted large vintage Galalith bulldog brooch. Signed to the back Pavone (Marie-Christine) and fitted with a roll safety clasp. I have this same brooch in several different colours. It measures 2.75 inches (7cm) high. In as new condition.

Ref: J3384 . . . £85

Indian Head Brooch by Lea Stein
Early first edition brooch by Lea Stein. He measures approximately 2 inches square (5cm x 5cm) and is signed on the V safety clasp. Condition is as new. Similar ones can be viewed in the Lea Stein book on page 39.

Ref: J3404 . . . £85

Female Indian Head Brooch by Lea Stein
Early first edition brooch by Lea Stein. She measures approximately 2 inches high (5cm) and is signed on the V safety clasp. Condition is very good. Similar ones can be viewed in the Lea Stein book on page 39. These female Indians are no longer available.

Ref: J3405 . . . £85

Chryselephantine Skier
French Art Deco female skier standing on a marble hilltop base. No signature but I believe possibly by Lemo. She has a hand carved ivory face and bronze body. It measures a total height of 9.5 inches (24cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: B594 . . . £2,395

Esclave a L’Urne by Le Faguays
French art deco Egyptian themed art metal lady lamp. Un unsigned early Le Faguays piece produced by the Le Verrier foundry in the 1920s. Mounted on a marble base, she holds an amber crackle glass urn lamp shade. It measures 18 inches high by 5.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches deep (46cm x 14cm x 16.5cm). Fitted with an on/off switch. In good vintage used condition.

Ref: L2321 . . . £1,995

Harmonie by Fayral
French art deco green patinated art metal Grecian lady holding a hoop, designed by Pierre Le Faguays and signed in his pseudonym Fayral. Also bears the Le Verrier foundry stamp as it was produced by Max Le Verrier. She measures a total height of 18.5 inches and it is 10 inches wide to each side of her hoop (47cm x 25.5cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F3057 . . . £2,195

Chemerie Ceiling Lamp by Max Le Verrier
Extremely rare Art Deco art metal ceiling lamp by Max Le Verrier and signed in his pseudonym Artus to 2 side of the body of the lamp. The shades are originally to the lamp and are signed Daum Nancy to each shade. The shades each measure 4 inches high (10cm). The total height of the lamp is 16 inches and the diameter is 10 inches (41cm x 25.5cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: L2320 . . . £2,995

Large Wooden Plane
French art deco hand carved fighter plane with metal wings and propeller. Originally had a motor inside to turn the propeller - which might still be inside the plane. The buyer may be able to get it working again, but currently does not work. On/off switch to the base. It measures 12.5 inches long by 11.5 inches wing span and approx 12 inches high (32cm x 29cm x 30cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: M5256 . . . £495

Ric Art Deco Perfume Atomiser
Very rare French art deco hand painted Ric the terrier dog with a lead wrapped around the legs of a lady and man - presumably embracing. It measures 4 inches wide by 2 inches deep by 3.75 inches high (10cm x 5cm x 9.5cm). It is fitted with its original puffer and in good vintage condition.

Ref: G807 . . . £395

The Raft Man by Cipriani
French art deco patinated spelter raft man by Ugo Cipriani - signed to the raft. Mounted on a black marble base that measures 23 inches long by 7 inches deep (59cm x 18cm). Total length is 29 inches (74cm) and the total height is 14.5 inches £37cm). In excellent condition.

Ref: F3053 . . . £895

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