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Peking Bust by Lindsey B
A plaster bust called Peking, measuring 12 inches (30cm), white with black hand painted eye detail. Signed to the reverse and in very good original condition as previously unsold. With its original box. Condition is good but the box is a bit tatty.

Ref: M4147 . . . £275

Car Mascot by Bouraine
French art deco silvered bronze stylised car mascot of a bird flying over clouds. Signed to the bronze base M. Bouraine. It measures 4 inches square to the verdure marble base it is mount4d on (10cm) and the total height is 6 inches (15cm). Condition is very good but with some circular indentations to the base.

Ref: B530 . . . £895

Art Deco Dancer
French art deco bronze nude cymbal dancer. Apparently unsigned, but by Maupertuis, she stands 16.5 inches total height (42cm). The stepped marble base measures 5 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep by 4.5 inches high (12.5cm x 11.5cm x 11.5cm). Condition is very good.
Below is a photograph of the same figure taken from the original foundry catalogue.

Ref: B531 . . . £1,995

Art Deco Dancer by Maupertuis
This is a photograph of the above listed figure taken from the original foundry catalogue.

Ref: B531

Female Satyr by Le Faguays
Green patinated French art deco satyr (faun) - a signed piece by Pierre Laurel which was a pseudonym used by Pierre Le Faguays. Signed to the base. She is mounted on a verdure (green) marble base and measures 12 inches (30cm) high. Condition is very good.

Ref: B534 . . . £1,995

Large Art Deco Table Lamp
A French made table lamp by Jumo and called The UFO lamp. Made of chromed metal with central black phenolic ribbed detail and space ship shade of white glass. It measures a large 25 inches (64cm) high and the base is 8.5 inches in diameter (22cm).

Ref: L2253 . . . £695

Art Deco lady by Royal Dux
Smaller ceramic lady by Royal Dux, designed by Elly Strobach. Signed indistinctly to the base Strobach and stamped Royal Dux under the base. She measures approximately 8 inches high (20cm) and is in excellent condition.

Ref: CH1701 . . . £295

Large Art Deco Panel by Rowley Galleries
Gesso female dancers and Pan playing his pipes mounted on a walnut panel. Each statue signed Chase. William Arthur Chase was a Rowley Gallery artist and I believe this panel was made by them. Whether it was made as a commission or for Chase himself I do not know, it may well be unique. The pan design was in fact used by the Rowley Gallery as its logo and is often featured to the back of Rowley items. It measures a large 48 inches long by 30 inches high (122cm x 76cm) and has 2 hanging recesses to the back. Condition is very good with the usual age related gesso crack marks which are very sound and a few age related marks to the walnut panel commensurate with age.

Ref: Plq1322 . . . £2,495

Age Of Jazz Statue
Ceramic Art Deco Robj style age of jazz band member. This is a Villeroy and Boch Robj collection piece. A reproduction of the original Robj items which fetch a fortune. He is the harmonium player and is marked Villeroy and Boch Robj collection under the base. He measures 7.5 inches (19cm) high. In his original box and in as-new condition.

Ref: CH1702 . . . £395

Art Deco Bust by Dakon
Plated and gilt bronze art deco face mask bust by Stephan Dakon. Mounted on an onyx base, signed Dakon in the cast and circa 1925. She measures 11.5 inches tall (29.5cm). In excellent condition.

Ref: B535 . . . £4,495

French Spelter Statue
Egyptian themed spelter statue with a green patina and gold highlights. Signed to the base Guerbe, Raymond Guerbe was a pseudonym used by the wife of Pierre Le Faguays. She is holding two onyx balls, this same statue was also made as a lamp where she holds a fan with a bulb behind (I have one of these for sale on my website). Mounted on a marble base she measures 13.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep to the base and a total height of18 inches (34cm x 11.5cm x 46cm). In excellent condition.

Ref: F1984 . . . SOLD

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