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Jericho by Guerbe
A vintage French green patinated art cast metal statue, her name is Jericho. Signed to the base Guerbe a pseudonym used by the wife of Pierre Le Faguays. Mounted on a marble base and measures a total height of 13.5 inches (35.5cm) to the tip of her trumpet. In excellent condition for her age.

Ref: F1959 . . . RESERVED

The Bather by Balleste
French art deco spelter bather figure. Unsigned but the work of Enrique Molins-Balleste, Spanish artist working in France during the 1920 and 1930s. Figural group showing a lady in swimming costume sitting with a dog. I also have this same lady with a clock. Base is made of black and brown marble and it measures 19.5 inches long by 4.5 inches deep and the total height of the figure and base is 9 inches (50cm x 11.5cm x 22.5cm). Condition is vintage but very good with some expected age darkening to the patina.

Ref: F1963 . . . £595

Coquetry by Demetre Chiparus
An art deco spelter statue, can be seen in the Chiparus books by Alberto Shayo. Signed to the base D H Chiparus. She sits on a 2 tone marble base that measures 12 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep and the total height of the statue and base is 11.5 inches (30cm x 11.5cm x 29cm). Condition is very good with some signs of ageing to the patina.

Ref: F1965 . . . £895

Feeding the Goats by Chiparus
French art deco spelter statuary group, a signed piece by Demetre Chiparus - signed D H Chiparus to the end of the marble base. The base is made of black marble and onyx and measures a large 29.5 inches long by 6.25 inched deep by a total height of 15 inches (75cm x 16cm x 38cm). Condition is vintage but good with just a little darkening to the patina due to age - as one would expect.

Ref: F1966 . . . £1,195

'Tickle' by Sega
French art deco group of a spelter lady tickling a sleeping satyr with a feather. Signed to the back of the ladies dress P. Sega (Peter Sega). The figures are mounted on a verdigris marble base that measures 20.5 inches long by 5.5 inches deep and the total height is 13.5 inches (52cm x 14cm x 34cm). Condition is good.

Ref: F1967 . . . £765

The Dance by Balleste
French spelter lady dancer, an unsigned Balleste. Mounted on a 5 inch high (12.5cm) marble base with a total height of 15.5 inches (40cm). Condition is vintage but good with no repairs or damage.

Ref: F1968 . . . £695

The Offering by Limousin
French art deco Egyptian spelter dancer wearing a scarab beetle necklace. She is offering flowers to the gods and mounted on a pyramid base the measures 17 inches long by 5.5 inches deep and the total height of the lady is 10.5 inches (43cm x 14cm x 27cm). Signed on the back of her sash - Limousin. Base is made of Sienna and portorro marble. Condition is very good.

Ref: F1969 . . . £695

Athlete Moderne by De Roncourt
This French art deco bending bar man is titled Athlete Moderne. I know this as I have an original catalogue from the foundry that made him (see below). The base is made of Belgian black marble. Base measures 7 inches deep by 28.5 inches long and the total height of the statue is 21 inches (17.5cm x 73cm x 53cm). Signed J. De Roncourt to the end of the base. Condition is good with just a few tiny marble nicks and a chip to one corner as one would expect after 80+ years plus some minor patina wear.

Ref: F1970 . . . £1,195

Athlete Moderne by J. De Roncourt
The original catalogue photograph of Athlete Moderne.

Ref: F1970

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