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Danse Paienne by Bouraine
This is the Derene disc dancer, Derene being a pseudonym used by Bouraine. She was made at the Le Verrier foundry in Paris during the 1930's and measures approximately 10.25 inches (26cm) high including the black marble base. The metal socle bears the signature. Condition is good with some expected age wear to the patina.

Ref: F1365 . . . £575

Leaping Deer Bookends by Le Verrier
A pair of green patinated art metal bookends on marble bases each measuring 6 inches (17cm) high and in excellent original condition. Signed Le Verrier to the metal. Produced and designed by Max Le Verrier in the 1930s. These same deer were made in a bigger size and sold as statues and also used on the De Marco Group Atalante statues. In excellent condition.

Ref: F3031 . . . £795 pair

Car Mascot by M. Hiley
Chromed metal art deco female nude dancer car mascot. Signed M. Hiley to the base sole. Mounted on a Rosso marble base the measures 4 inches square (10cm) the total height is 10 inches (25.5cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F3049 . . . £595

Spelter Elephant group
French art deco spelter elephant group, mounted on a marble base. It measures 17 inches long by 5 inches deep by 7 inches high (44cm x 12.5cm x 17.5cm). Condition is good with a little ageing to the patina, a few small nibbles to the marble base and one tusk on the big elephant is a little shorter than the other whether this is on purpose or not I do not know.

Ref: F3051 . . . £395

The Archer by Mellani
French spelter art deco archer - a signed piece by Salvatore Mellani. Signed to his sash at the back. Mounted on a black marble base which measures 23.5 inches long by 8 inches deep (60cm x 20cm). The total height of the statue is 17.5 inches (45cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F3052 . . . £945

Lady and Fawn
A large bronze lady holding a spelter fawn and standing next to the mother deer. The deer and the lady's dress has a bronze patina and her skin has an olive coloured finish. She is an unsigned figure and I have another of the same subject. She measures a large 19.5 inches tall and the base is 24 inches wide, made of a speckled black marble with 2 onyx intersections to the front. Condition is good with just a few minor scratches and marble nibbles.

Ref: F444 . . . £695

Diane the Huntress by Dauvergne
I have 4 of this same figure by Dauvergne, but the others have 2 leaping Ibex instead of the one that this piece has. This one measures approximately 22 inches long and is 21 inches high. She is made of spelter and has a silvered patina with bronzed robe detail. The condition is good.

Ref: F2023 . . . £795

The Fox and the Crow by Le Verrier
French art deco art metal bookends modelled as the Aesop's fable Fox and Crow. Aesop's moral fable of - do not trust a flatterer. One bookend has the fox looking at grapes on a tree and the other looking at the crow with the cheese in his mouth. Both mounted on Belgian black marble bases that measure 6.5 inches long by 3 inches deep (16.5cm x 7cm). The total height is 8.5 inches (21.5cm). Both bookends are signed on the back base of the tree - M. Le Verrier. In excellent condition.

Ref: F3068 . . . £695 the pair

Spelter Group by Limousin
French art deco spelter statue of a lady with two borzois dogs. Mounted on a marble base. It is an unsigned Limousin. It measures 18 inches wide 15.5 inches high by 5 inches deep (46cm x 40cm x 12cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F3069 . . . £795

Josephine Baker by Balleste
French Art Deco spelter statue of Josephine Baker wearing a grass skirt. Mounted on an unusual onyx base and signed Balleste under her foot. She measures 15.5 inches high by 5 inches wide by 4 inches deep (40cm x 12.5cm x 10cm). I have never seen this statue before. Condition is very good with no damage or repairs.

Ref: F3070 . . . £575

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