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Can't quite afford it all in one go? We have an Interest Free Layaway Scheme. Contact us for details.
Some of these carpets in our Rugs section are available in different shapes i.e. circular, runner and oblong,
and some are available in various sizes. Please contact us for more details.

Art Deco Rug
All wool, hand made rug with aztec art deco design. It measures 77 inches by 53 inches (196cm x 135cm). Condition is good with slight use.

Ref: M4404 . . . £495

Art Deco Rug
Hand made art deco woollen rug in purples and blue sun ray pattern. They each measure 35.5 inches by 24 inches (90cm x 60cm). Condition is as new as these rugs have only been used in a photo shoot.
Only 1 left.

Ref: M4613 . . . £265 each

French Style Art Deco Rug
A 6 feet by 4 feet (183cm x 122cm) all wool (100% sheep's wool) hand made tufted rug with French art deco stylised floral detailing in blue and cream colouring. In excellent condition as only used in a photo shoot.

Ref: M4460 . . . £695

Art Deco Rug
A hand made art deco woollen rug in red and yellow sun ray pattern. They each measure 35.5 inches by 24 inches (90cm x 60cm). Condition is as new. I currently have a pair in blue and a pair in red.

Ref: M4656 . . . £265 each

Extra Large Art Deco Rug
A large 9 foot by 6 foot (270cm x 180cm) all wool hand made rug with black, grey and white art deco design. I have this design in different sizes, circular, square and a runner. Excellent unused condition.

Ref: M4953 . . . £1,445

Art Deco Rug
A new large all wool, hand made art deco design rug. It measures 6 foot (183cm). In as-new condition with vibrant colours.

Ref: M5008 . . . £945

Art Deco Rug (7 x 5)
An art deco rug that measures 7 foot by 5 foot (214cm x 153cm) hand made, all wool rug with art deco design in vibrant colours. In excellent condition.

Ref: M5237 . . . £995

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