Website problems, temporary (we hope).

The size of our website means our usage has gone beyond the limitations of our original plan and before we are moved onto a significantly more costly plan, we’re migrating to a new host.

Our migration appears to have happened yesterday (Wed 8th May) and has immediately come with a few problems. Despite backing up our website a number of times over the last month in preparation for the migration, we appear to have lost about a months worth of uploaded products and more worrying, anything sold in the last month is now back on the website and showing as being available for purchase. We are working to remove the sold items quickly so they can’t be added to anyones basket and we do appear to have 2 comprehensive lists to work from in order to do this.

We are also experiencing some technical problems with images not showing/loading. There doesn’t appear to be a pattern to this and we hope that as the website migrates fully (we were told this could take 24 hours yesterday afternoon), images start to reappear and this issue sorts itself out. If it doesn’t, the amount of work we’ll have to do to restore the images… is unimaginable to us.

Believing we have identified the reason we are having these problems, unfortunately we don’t believe uploading our most recent backup will be of any use so we are working hard in the background to try to restore the functionality of the site quickly.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to end this disruption ASAP.

This message will be deleted when the issue has been resolved.

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