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Ceramic Vases and Jugs - Page 1

This section contains a selection of ceramic vases and jugs and associated items.

Art Deco Vase by Leiger for Orchies
A large French art deco crackle glaze baluster vase with high enamel hand painted patterning. Signed Lieger to the side at the bottom and bearing the Orchies windmill mark under the base. It measures a large 8 inches in diameter by 13.5 inches high (20cm x 34cm). Condition is vintage and used but very good.

Ref: CH1649 . . . £595

Rare Orchies Flapper Vase
French art deco faience crackleglaze enamelled vase with hand painted art deco oriental flappers (x4) around the outside with other hand painted detail. Marked with the early Orchies signature to the base. In very good original condition with a couple of tiny glaze pimples to the rim there from new, hardly worth a mention. 8 inches (20cm) high. I have two of these same vases and they would make a nice pair

Ref: CH1650 . . . £545

Rare Vase by Andre Villien
French art deco turquoise bobble glazed vase with silvered bronze finial detailing in odillon shape. Signed under the base A. Villien. Andre Villien was a metal artist working in the late 1920s - early 30s. This unusual bulbous vase measures 7.5 inches high to the central vase and 9 inches to the top of the finials (19cm, 23cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1651 . . . £595

Large Art Deco Ball Vase
Huge French art deco ceramic ball vase with hand painted black, pink and orange patterning and gilt detailing. It measures 12.5 inches high and has a diameter of approx 14 inches (32cm x 36cm). Condition is used but good with no damage or repairs just a slight bit of wear to the gilt detail mainly around the neck due to 90+ years of use as one would expect.

Ref: CH1671 . . . £495

Vase by Martinachs for Orchies
French art deco ceramic crackle glaze baluster vase of bulbous form. High glaze hand painted enamel stylised floral patterning. Signed to the side - F. Martinachs. It measures approximately 9.5 inches (24cm) high. Marked Orchies 900 to the base. In good vintage condition.

Ref: CH1648 . . . £575

Ruby Vase by Lindsey B
This art deco style vase was made by Lindsey B in the 1980s. It has a matt black glaze and hand painted red gloss lips and measures 11 inches high (28cm). Although unsigned I guarantee it's by Lindsey B and was part of a lot of old/new stock I bought a while ago. Sadly I am getting to the end of it all but I do have several of these vases still available. Comes with its original check patterned box from new. In perfect as new condition.

Ref: M4129 . . . £145

Rare Ball Vase by Robj
Large French art deco ball vase in cream with a semi circle of matt navy blue glaze. It is signed Robj - Paris under the base. It measures 7.5 inches in diameter and 11 inches high (19cm x 29cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: CH1695 . . . £695

Large Elephant Vase
This is a contemporary vase similar in style of the Belgian Boch Keramis originals of the 1930's. It measures 11.5 inches tall (30cm). Condition is excellent. I may have a pair of these same vases available.

Ref: CH1019 . . . £135

Rare Bouraine Statue Vase
This rare vase is signed Franz to the base with an oriental stamp mark. White ceramic depicting the famous Marcel Bouraine Diane and deer to the front panel (in exact detail) and a flying bird to the back panel. I have had this vase before but they do not come up for sale very often. I do not know why they were produced. It measures 11.5 inches high (30cm). In as new excellent condition.

Ref: CH1731 . . . £595

Rare Bouraine Statue Vase
A picture of the original bronze which is depicted on the vase above.

Ref: F1166/CH1731

Huge Art Deco Planter Pot by Le Jan for Orchies
Enormous ceramic crackle glaze faience polychrome 3 lady plant pot. Designed by Le Jan for Orchies and signed Orchies under the base. It measures 13.5 inches high by 14 inches in diameter (33cm x 36cm). An extremely rare find in good vintage used condition.

Ref: CH1820 . . . £1,495

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