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Clocks Page 11

Dianne the Huntress Clock Set
A French spelter Dianne and hunting dog on a brown marble and cream and green onyx walled clock. Total width is almost 24 inches, 13 inches tall and 5 inches deep. There are 2 matching pedestal urn style side pieces and the condition is good with the usual minor edge nibbles to the marble and an old crack to one of the small front panels on one side piece. This clock is working and has a mechanical (non pendulum) movement.

Ref: CL144 . . . £630

'Femme a la Source'
Another French spelter lady and dog figure - she is collecting water from a fountain in an oyster shell. The clock is made of brown and Portorro marbles and green onyx and is a 3 part set. The clock is inscribed 'Le Goc. Brest France' and is in good working order. Measurements are: width 14.5 inches, 14.5 inches tall and 7 inches deep, condition is generally very good with the usual few minor nibbles to the marble edge but mainly on the side pieces. As with all my stock, further and fuller descriptions are available on request.

Ref: CL514 . . . £595

Egyptian Ball-Dancer Clock Set
A French spelter, Egyptian themed lady dancer mounted on a cream onyx and toffee coloured marble which gives the effect of sand and the desert, and is supported by a pair of bronze column mounts. The movement is a mechanical (non pendulum) piece and is in good working order. Measurements (as usual, not including side pieces) are 14 inches tall, 15 inches wide and nearly 6 inches deep. Condition is generally pretty good with just the usual minor marble nibbles and there is a chip of the marble at the back of one of the clock columns and some minor cracks to the back of the clock which look like natural striations.

Ref: CL515 . . . £895

Bronze Bird-Panel Clock Set
A French clock-set in lovely henna red marble and cream onyx with bronze bezel and surround. There are a pair of bronze panels either side of the clock depicting, in silver gilding, a long-tailed bird flying up to a tree over a river and bull rushes. Also, either side of the clock is a spelter vase of flowers in typical deco style and the clock is complimented by a pair of unusual dished side pieces with bronze panels depicting grass detail, echoing the side panels. It measures 19 inches wide and 12 inches tall and 5 inches deep. Condition is very good with the usual few minor nibbles to the corners of the marble.

Ref: CL516 . . . £650

Bronze and Marble Clock Set
A wonderful French, brown marble and cream onyx clock set with a bronze lady holding a parrot and Odillon style detailing. The clock has an enamel face with some cracking, the bezel and surround are of bronze with curved glass. The clock measures approx 18 inches long and 18 inches high to the bird's head and is 5 inches deep. This set is complimented by a pair of matching bronze, marble and onyx side pieces. In good working condition with just a few minor age related marble chips mainly to the edges and the aforementioned crack to the enamel face.

Ref: CL517 . . . £895

Clock by ATO
French ATO clock, made by Leon Hatot in the late 1920's - early 1930's. Wooden case with silvered bronze feet and marquetry around the edges. Sadly some of the small metal edge square are missing. The face of the clock is silvered bronze with the usual ATO spiders web patterning and deco numerals. The movement has been removed and has been replaced with a quartz. The original movement would also have been battery operated but an ATO movement. Leon Hatot (ATO is an abbreviation of his surname) was famous as being the first person to produce a battery operated clock as early as the 1920's. So this clock has the beauty of the old and new and keeps very good time on its quartz movement.

Ref: CL724 . . . £595

French Alarm Clock by Jaz
Cream phenolic French art deco alarm clock, signed to the face Jaz. It is an early quartz made in the 1930s - 1940s and in working condition. It measures 4.5 inches wide by 5 inches high (11.5cm x 12.5cm). Condition is used and vintage but very good.

Ref: CL834 . . . £185

English Art Deco Wall Clock by Smith
Wood cased wall clock with gilt metal hands. Marked Smiths clocks England to the bakelite rear movement holder. It measures 12 inches wide by 10 inches high and 3 inches deep (30cm x 25.5cm x 7.5cm). It has an electric movement and it has been running but a very good candidate for a quartz movement. Condition is very good.

Ref: CL835 . . . £295

Bronze Panther Clock by Decoux
Art deco cubist chromed bronze panther clock - an unsigned set by Michel Decoux - the Belgian artist. Her items are now highly sought after. The clock measures 12.25 inches wide by 4 inched deep and a total height of 15 inches to the top of the panther (31cm x 10cm x 38cm). It comes with its original key and chrome pendulum and is working.

Ref: CL837 . . . £995

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