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L'Etoile by Van de Voorde
A large and very impressive spelter clock set made in France by Salon des Artistes Francais - with a makers stamp. A bronzed lady and man sit holding a lozenge shaped clock by fruit garlands on their shoulders. The clock is of good quality having an enamel face, the movement is stamped Oury Frebes with a crown stamp and the pendulum is star shaped. There is a plaque on the front which reads 'L'Etoile, Salon des Artistes Francais, Van de Voorde'. The clock base is made of Portorro marble and measures a large 26 inches long by 6 inches deep and the clock is 15 inches high. The stepped area on which the figures are seated has a shooting star detail to the front and back and the man has a set of musical pipes at his feet. It is in good working order and good condition with the expected few very minor marble nicks. The set is complemented by two lovely stylised floral urn side pieces with golden internal cup sections. I am happy to provide more pics if required.

Ref: CL196 . . . £1,195

Bronze and Onyx Clock
A lovely clock of green onyx and red marble with silvered bronze figures of a lady and bird and pairs of lovebirds and silvered bronze plaques of deco stylised floral detail. A large bronze bezelled clock face in very good condition, signed and marked Paris. The clock works, is unsigned and measures 20.5 inches by 15 inches high and 4.5 inches deep.

Ref: CL606 . . . £745

Pierotte and Columbine Clock
French spelter - a signed Limousin clock with dark green patina and mounted on a shaped base of portorro and pink marble. Condition is very good and original with its original basket shaped pendulum and is working. 23 inches long, 6 inches deep and 13 inches high. (59cm x 15cm x 33cm).

Ref: CL608 . . . £765

Bronze Stag Clock by Decoux
Lovely stylised patinated bronze stag by the famous Belgian artist Decoux and signed. Base is of pebbled marble and black marble and onyx and total height is 11 inches (28cm) and width is 20.5 inches (52cm). Condition is very good with just a few minor edge nicks to the marble and the clock is working. Complete with key and pendulum.

Ref: CL633 . . . £1,195

Signed Modernist Bronze Clock Set
Wonderful French rosso marble and bronze modernist clock set with bronze face which is echoed in the side pieces. To the top of the clock is a very stylised lady signed in the metal Geo-Luc. We have had the clock working and is in excellent condition with just a few tiny marble nicks. 19 inches long, 13 inches high, 4.5 inches deep (49x33x12cm). Email me for more pictures of this stunning clock.

Ref: CL615 . . . £1,995

'The Offering' by Limousin
French art deco 2 lady spelter and marble pendulum clock set. A lady on either end of the clock holding up a basket of fruit. An unsigned piece by Limousin, the two ladies have a silvered skin patina and original dinanderie to their dresses. The clock case is made of rosso marble and cream onyx. There are also a matching pair of dish side pieces and its complete with a key and pendulum. We have had the clock running so nothing wrong with the movement, but please read my info on clocks on page one of the clocks section. The clock measures 19.5 inches long by 5.25 inches deep and 19.5 inches total height (49cm x 13cm x 50cm). Condition is very original and good with a few expected age related marks to the patina on the figures as one would expect after 80 odd years.

Ref: CL825 . . . £695 the set

French Modernist Art Deco Clock
French art deco mantle clock with peach mirror glass face and base panel. It measures 8.5 inches wide by 3.25 inches deep to the base and 7 inches high (21.5cm x 8m x 17.5cm). It has a mechanical movement that works. Condition is good but there is a chip to the base on the side at the left hand corner.

Ref: CL826 . . . £395

French Modernist Art Deco Clock
French art deco mantle clock with peach mirror glass face. It measures 8.25 inches wide long by 2.75 inches deep to the wooden base (21cm x 7cm). The peach glass face measures 8.75 inches in diameter (22.5cm).It has a mechanical movement that works. Condition is good with just a little bit of wear to the back of the glass which is hidden once in its chrome mounts.

Ref: CL827 . . . £395

French Wall Clock by Jaz
French cream phenolic art deco 8 day wall clock. Signed Jaz to the front and made in France. It measures approx 7.25 inches square (18cm). In working condition and comes with its original key. Condition is extremely good.

Ref: CL828 . . . £185

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