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Clocks Page 14

Huge Diane Clock by Uriano
A huge 27 inches (to the tip of the Ivoreen bow) high, Diane spelter figural clock. She is standing in front of a marble and onyx sunray design wall with a clock in it. The clock has a mechanical movement and is working. The black marble base is 27 inches long and 6.5 inches deep. Condition is pretty good with some age wear to the patina and enamelling.

Ref: CL164 . . . £1440

Pearlised Celluloid Clock Set
This is so unusual I'm not sure where to begin. A French clock-set made of wood and covered in the most fantastic early celluloid veneering - in brown, black, green and a pearlised cream, with a marquetry style. As if this is not enough, it is accompanied by a spelter figural scene with a lady, bird and dogs. I cannot find a signature but it shows all the signs of being by SEGA. The clock measures approx. 23 inches long, and 10 inches to the top arch of the clock, whilst the lady stands about 13 inches high (to the tip of the birds wing). The dogs have a golden patina and the lady is a silvery-grey with a tint of blue to her dress (typical of Sega). To accompany this wonderful clock are two amazing side pieces of octagonal shape - again with the pearlised celluloid. Note the zigzag detailing to the front sections of the set. The condition is very good and it has been recently overhauled and is working well.

Ref: CL165 . . . £780

'Autumn' Bronze Clock set by Charny
Lovely French bronze and rosso and black marble clock set with silvered bronze nude girl, signed to the back of the girls scarf Charny. The lady, squirrel, clock face, squirrel panels to each end of the clock and the panels on the side pieces are all of bronze - the clock face being a particularly lovely example of deco stylisation. The condition is very good but with some silvering loss to the bronze in places, especially the nude lady, where the bronze is shining through. The clock is working and apart from an old crack to the rear of one of the side pieces which looks like a fissure, the rest is very good and original. Height is 16 inches (41cm), 16.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep (17cm).

Ref: CL617 . . . £1695

Modernist Clock by ATO
Rare glass and bakelite clock. The glass face I believe was made by Lalique while the clock was made by Leon Hatot (ATO). Signed to the glass face ATO. It is a 1920's battery operated clock and although not currently working as the batteries are no longer made, could be converted by a clock expert to run on a modern battery. The black bakelite base measures 7.5 inches wide by 4.5 deep and the total height of the clock is 9.5 inches (19cm x 11.5 x 23.5). Inside the back bakelite cover it still retains its original parts and even its original instructions. Condition is vintage and used but very good. A rare clock by the first person to create a battery operated clock in the 1920's - see my info on artists section.

Ref: CL737 . . . £795

Double Lady Clock by Van de Voorde
French spelter art deco lady clock, an unsigned Van de Voorde (Dutch artist). Two ladies dancing one holding cymbals, flanking a central clock, made of green onyx and mixed marbles. The base measures a large 28.5 inches long by 7 inches deep and the total height is 15 inches (72cm x 17.5cm x 38cm). We have had the clock working - so the movement is good and it has its original pendulum and key. Condition is good with a little age fading to the numerals on the face of the clock.

Ref: CL850 . . . £1,195

Modernist Clock
French art deco modernist clock with glass side pillars and chrome surrounds. Mounted on a black marble base. It measures approx. 19 inches (48cm) wide by 14 inches (35cm) high and 4.75 inches (12cm) deep. Complete with its original pendulum and key. Currently working.

Ref: CL852 . . . £765

Art Deco Clock Set
Stylish French marble mantle clock in Brazilian onyx and Rosso marble. It measures 16.5 inches long by 9.5 inches high by 4.25 inches deep (42cm x 25cm x 11cm). The matching side pieces each measure 4.5 inches square by 7.5 inches high (11.5cm 9cm). The clock has been working and comes with its original key and pendulum. Condition is good. An affordable and impressive clock.

Ref: JC1 . . . £475

Friends Clock by Scribe
French chryselephantine (bronze and ivory) clock of a medieval venetian lady with her two dogs. The base of this clock lights up at each end. Signed Scribe to the marble on the top of the clock. Scribe produced top quality bronzes and bronze and ivory Art Deco statues. The clock measures 17 inches wide by 18 inches high by 6.5 inches deep (43.5cm x 46cm x 16.5cm). Condition is very good and we have had the clock working.

Ref: CL900 . . . £3,695

Bronze Dancer Clock
French art deco dark green patinated bronze stylised scarf dancer clock. It measures 14 inches long by 3 inches deep by 8.5 inches high (36cm x 7.5cm x 21.5cm). Condition is vintage but good and we have had the clock working. It has a non-pendulum movement.

Ref: CL901 . . . £745

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