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Huge Bronze by Liskai Kovats
This is a very large and rare clock featuring an impressive bronze dancer to the top, flanked by stepped onyx columns. The base measures 18 inches long (46cm), 6.5 inches deep (7cm) and with a total height of 19.5 inches (50cm). It is unsigned but attributed to Liskai Kovats (I have had this figure before, signed). The clock face has bronze dotted numerals and a silvered face with bronze bevel. Condition is very good with a few small cracks to the green onyx veneer columns and a few minor chips. Email me for more pics.

Ref: CL583 . . . £1,995

Lady Clock by Cipriani
A lovely French spelter lady clock measuring 23 x 15 x 5.5 inches, and in very good condition. The base is of portorro marble and onyx and the lady is holding a bird in her hand. She is wearing a gold-brown figure hugging dress and is silver skinned, although there is some wear to the skin patina. The clock comes complete with key and pendulum and I have had the clock working.

Ref: CL585 . . . £695

Huge! Bronze Clock signed Danvin
This is the biggest marble clock I have ever seen and it measures 34 inches long, 6 inches deep and 16.5 inches high. The figures are of chunky solid silvered bronze and the dogs are signed F. 15. The casing is blue tinted and brown onyx and is in wonderful original condition, but it is not one for the faint hearted or faint sideboard. It will require a sturdy base or strong sideboard and I suspect it was originally a boardroom piece and will require a boardroom strength mantlepiece. It is however a stunning deco statement, and will reward its new owner with its wonderful style of a bygone age. Apparently recently cleaned and in good working order.

Ref: CL586 . . . £1895

Pan & Dancer by Sega
A gilt spelter lady dancer and Pan playing the pipes, either side of a cream and grey onyx clock, signed Sega. The clock is complemented by a pair of matching side pieces, and is in very good condition. Measures 16 inches long, 13 inches high, 8 inches deep (41 x 33 x 20cm).

Ref: CL588 . . . £675

Alarm Clock by Metamec
Red phenolic alarm clock with electric movement. It is running but we cannot make any guarantees, plus the wiring would need to be checked prior to use. It measures 5.5 inches wide by 5 high (14cm x 13). It has a bakelite back panel and is marked Metamec to the front and the back.

Ref: CL725 . . . £128

Seals Clock
French silvered bronze seals clock. Casing made of onyx with white onyx under each seal to simulate icebergs. The clock face is signed Leleu. The clock measures 24 inches long by 4.5 inches deep and the total height is 11 inches (61cm x 11.5cm x 28cm). The clock has been recently overhauled and is working and comes with its original pendulum and key. Condition is very good.

Ref: CL746 . . . £995

French Bakelite Clock by Jaz
Brown bakelite clock with gold detailing. It measures approx. 7 inches by 5 inches high by 3 inches deep (18cm x 12.5cm x 7.5cm). We have had it working but would probably benefit from a service. Good condition.

Ref: CL751 . . . £165

Lady Clock-Set by Menneville
French art deco clock set with spelter and ivoreen lady on a marble base. An unsigned Menneville which was a pseudonymn used by Hugo Cipriani. It is in working order, but may need a service. It is made of black and brown marble and cream and green onyxThe clock measures just over 24 inches (62cm) in length, 6 inches (15cm) deep and is 12 inches (30cm) high and is accompanied by 2 matching urn garnitures with dinanderie patterning. It would be in excellent condition but for a chip at the top of the black marble circle over the clock face.

Ref: CL122 . . . £895

Wall Clock by ATO
French art deco wall clock by ATO - Leon Hattot. Signed to the front ATO and originally fitted with a battery movement. As you can no longer buy the batteries we have had a quartz movement fitted. It measures 7 inches square (17.5cm). In good condition.

Ref: CL875 . . . £295

Mid Century Alarm Clock
A modernist Rhythm alarm clock, made in Japan. It has a cream plastic case and metallic red face with red numerals. Hand wind with bell ring alarm and in working order. The clock measures 7.5 inches high and the face measures 3.75 inches high by 6.25 inches wide (19cm x 9.5cm x 15.5cm). The face is very space age and remind me of an American car instrument panel from the 1950s. Condition is good with some minor age related marks as one would expect.

Ref: CL881 . . . £195

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