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Bird Lady Clock by Uriano
A signed French spelter lady with black patina and silvered hair mounted on a D shaped clock which is made of black and portorro marble and Brazillian green and brown onyx. The width of the base measures 23 inches (59cm) long and total height is 14 inches (36cm). Depth is 5 inches (13cm). We have had the clock working but cannot guarantee any of our clocks which could be 80 years old. Condition is good but with some ageing to the patina of the figure and some chips to the marble at the back of the base.

Ref: CL652 . . . £695

Dauverne Clock Set
Green, cream and tan onyx with a pair of matching side pieces and measuring 25 inches including the deer overhanging and 21 inches high to the top of her spear. The clock works and has its key and pendulum. Generally very good condition with just a few little nicks to the onyx and some patina loss to the deer. Please note, we cannot guarantee the working of the clock.

Ref: CL654 . . . £895

Modernist Clock by Junghans
Lovely German modernist clock, case made of oak with contrasting macassar ebony face and feet. Chrome hands, deco numerals and semi circular support ends. Movement is mechanical and it chimes. Signed Junghans to the face. The clock has been working. Condition is excellent. Measures 10 inches (25cm) high, 12 inches (30cm) wide and 6.25 inches (16cm) deep.

Ref: CL657 . . . £545

Green Glass Clock
Free standing clock in vivid green glass, with tripod stand to the back. To the front around the centre of the face it has garland patterning. Ideal for mantle piece or table top. It measures 8 inches (20cm) square. And is in good and working condition.

Ref: CL701 . . . £295

French Wall Clock
French modernist wall clock by Vedette with chrome hands and numerals, silvered stylised edge detail. With key and in working condition. Approx. 12 inches square (30cm). Very good condition.

Ref: CL770 . . . £395

Modernist Deer Clock by Decoux
A signed chromed bronze stylised deer with a brown onyx clock by Michel Decoux with typical Decoux staggered chrome column detailing. We have had this clock working but please read my info on clocks section on the clocks website. The black base measures 23 inches long by 6 inches deep and the total height is 15 inches (58.5cm x 15cm x 38cm). In very good condition with one small crack to the onyx which is barely noticeable as it looks like a fissure.

Ref: CL771 . . . RESERVED

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